I get the " straight" part, pretty one dimensional, "to heaven" I 'm a little skeptical. https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/By-Kilian/Black-Phantom-43632.html It unfortunately to me, smells like someone just poured Jack Daniels all over me. Let it first be known, I really like all three, though in different ways. Out of who-knows-how-many fragrances I sampled last year (200?) What a wonderful smelling fragrance. All of these possibilities are so subdued in comparison to the cedar that they hardly seem worth identifying. I give it an 8/10. It has heavy dosing of the Rum and Vanilla notes. I get amazing longevity and decent projection off this - the dry down is out of this world, so if the opening isnt your thing, at least sample the dry down once. The cedar saw dust stays around for quite a while, in a very linear way on me. These all compliment the musk and vanilla notes which eventually are what you're left with. I had no idea it was a gendered fragrance and fell it love with it from first sniff. Straight to Heaven could be called Straight to Woods. The scent was launched in 2017 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur Straight to Heaven Extreme fragrance … Seductive, alluring, sweet, dark, woodsy, rummy, creamy, fruits as in that of a compote.. Di extreme non ci sento nulla, e francamente neppure di unisex, però....accidenti quant'è buono! This is truly a holy grail scent for me. Description. But don't go far. It’s beautiful but I have to admit that I’d be afraid to wear this for fear that I’d smell like I was drunk. It’s a very nice woody fragrance whose opening is very much dominated by notes of cedar and nutmeg, to the point of overshadowing all the other notes. I really like Apple Brandy and Intoxicated is good (though redundant for me, considering how many similar scents I own), but this is not working for me at all. Why not? I can not say that it is masculine but it seems to be more suitable for male use. Nah, pencil shavings, cardboard, that's all I smell. Just a few sprays and you'll be in that special place, all your problems gone, nothing else matters but the love bubble that this incredible juice will create around you. It's good but not for me. I think they smell unique, well made, with good ingredients. What I do get is a leathery vanilla, sort of saffraline-like, mixed with the cold fuzz of Iso-E Super. I get moderate longevity and mooderate projection at best. I want this off my skin NOW!!! Straight to Heaven was among them, and because I know better, I'm going to assume that since then there has been a reissued reformulated redone version that is diminished. The scent its self is excellently blended and is just unbelievably yummy smelling. The huge blast of spiced rum note in the open is what I have been waiting for. This scent makes me want another fragrance. 28" as they are extremely close in profile, far more than the Geco it's being compared to above. Straight to Heaven should be compared DIRECTLY to Tokyo Milk "Excess No. This is very nice. .blue skies, craggy snow capped mountains in the background and the sting of a cool breeze. After 2 hour you can only smell it where you spray. I didn't like the fruity notes at all. This smells of a mix between nail polish & milk. This is a spicy cedar scent with patchouli. Another linear fragrance, the dry-down is gradual and not sudden, most of the notes are maintained. Yesterday was the first real exposure to this one, and it will likely be the last. This is a comparison video between the original Straight to Heaven (STH) and the new flanker called STH Extreme!Thanks for watching! To me Straight to Heaven opens with a rum and patchouli balance while the cedar wood is equally as strong but there in the background warming the scent. Like it survived a shower after a full night sleep but it still has the skinscent power. I started out at the Kilian table, and I have to say I was unpleasantly surprised with Back to Black, it was too thick and too sweet for my tastes (at least on paper, I went home with some samples and have found that on the skin it is a masterpiece in its own right) so I left and started sampling fragrances from all of the niche houses available. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I got a sample of this recently and I smelled like a cedar chest for about 7 hours. On the recco of someone else here I also tried l’Orphaline. Yes, i fall in love. Wear this only around your "loved one", that special one only!!! But this one? Even though it's pretty distinctive, it seems to blend in, it's kind of difficult to catch sometimes. I really like this scent but not the price, so purchased the refill pack only making it about half price. The dry down is very unisex and female friendly. Perhaps this is a mislabeled sample? Not so much. Those guys at ByKilian have to be kidding us. A glass of rum that has been left to oxidise. Sexy for me personally does not come to mind when I wear it though. Im stuck in Limbo with this fragrance. It smells mysterious, sophisticated, and special! The thing that i found confusing was that well this lasts forever on the skin but is extremely soft. I would question if even a virgin nose could get anything out of this now. Fragrance story: Smoldering with addictive sensuality, a burning splash of rich dark rum defines the opening, its … Pretentious. It's powerful, but not overpowering, and it sits close to the skin - I wish it projected better! If you sniff this you can't stop sniffing the amazing rum, sweet, seductive notes. Patchouli is also fairly upfront and the rest of the notes serve as a perfect backbone to highlight these three notes. The patchouli just overwhelms, and it reminds me of a sales clerk in a head shop in some college town. 8/10. After reading up about By Kilian I was excited to be in a position to purchase a full bottle, but which one? Today was my first time where I was able to smell ALL the Kilian's and while I was slightly overwhelmed, every scent was just so beautifully done that each stand out on their own. I'm with Colin Maillard. This juice, is well, literally straight to heaven. Not a bad scent though, but neither is it something special. But unfortunately this magnificent perfume would lay on my skin not more then 5 if I am lucky 6 hours and with medium to low silage. I still use it from time to time, just need to reapply in the middle of the day. My only complaint is that it doesn't project as much and longevity isn't longer. I understand why someone would love this, it's a well constructed fragrance, just not for me. I'm in love with this juice! I personally don't find it any less controversial than, say, Zoologist's Bat. After about three hours or so this becomes a skin scent and after five or six hours it is completely gone. I love this composition. i've got only 2 hours performance from this one.doesn't worth this price for me and i've had enough with my 7.5 mil. la oleada de ron con la que abre , es lo mejor con las notas frescas del cedro , y el aroma exótico del patchouli , si dejar de mencionar la vainilla, es simplemente grandioso sin duda, una delas mejores fragancias de kilian. 4.19 Nice one and definitely a must try from this house. The nose behind this fragrance is Sidonie Lancesseur. Stale cigar smoke that has long since been absorbed into the walls. The moment Straight to Heaven hits my skin, I'm in heaven. If Burberrys london is the fall in a bottle for designer. This to me is a just "fragcom" vocab for me when its hard to pinpoint something exactly so its easier to just say this. It took a little time for me to come around to this fragrance but WOW this is a masterpiece. As it dries down, the cedar wood remains strong, while a sweet nuttiness appears. Starting is good . Not the sort of thing I crave for since drinking is not my preferred medium to elevate the soul. However for this, "sexy" is deffintely a adjective I might use. Both smell of rum and cedarwood. poor Longevity, but perfume is so amazing! Dried fruits, rum, vanilla---possibly? This and sacred wood are tied at #2 for best kilian in my opinion (first is back to black) this scent is super sexy and masculine nuff said. Love the top notes, unfortunately it goes basiocally straight into the base notes which are whimpy and soft and I don't like them and they're gone as well after about 2 hours or so. You can smell way to much alcohol in this to describe it just as boozy for me personal. Things improve a lot towards the dry down, the other notes become more discernible, giving a much more rounded fragrance. Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating That's a lot of money! I love its dried fruits and rum with wood. This is a top seller from the house with good reason. Sitting back, watching a football game with your favorite single malt scotch and cigar. It's woody but not too fresh or green, and well-balanced. Straight to heaven drives me nuts. I love when I find scents that bring me back. Longevity is also decent. this was one of a handful I chose to keep. Very original, very sexy. Scentwise 8/10 Sillage/Projection 3/10. Okay so...If you've read any of my reviews you maybe aware that I'm not a huge fan of overly boozy scents. so i received a decant of Straight to Heaven today. Smelling this on card - the combination of wood and booze reminds me of being in a winery, in a musty cellar with barrels all around me. Straight to Heaven by By Kilian is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. Get the samples, and wear that on special occasions. The scent immediately reminded me of a damp cave, but after a couple of minutes it had settled into a refined masterpiece that many have described below. Fragrantica® Trends è un valore relativo che mostra l'interesse dei membri di Fragrantica per questa fragranza nel corso del tempo. Really? Shop for By Kilian at Fragrance Vault in Lake Tahoe. I didn't care for this one. The opening is a boozy rum - not surprising given that it comes from Kilian Hennessey (of cognac fame). . You get the alcohol start, then incense all the way through. This, to me, is basically a stronger version of Oriflame's Sir Avebury with a fat dollop of geosmine added to the mix. I don't normally like the smell of rum or bourbon or anything like that but this is done really well and even a non-boozer such as myself can enjoy it. Hats off to By Kilian for aiming so high, but I can’t say the fragrance truly lives up to it’s lofty name. Good: this literaly smells like heaven. Extremely linear with no development. I have a vintage bottle of Mysteri and neither the BalMan or this one smells very similar to Mysteri. To me this is on the same level as Aventus as far as signature scents go. I love this fragrance in the fall. Straight to Heaven Extreme de By Kilian es una fragancia de la familia olfativa Amaderada Especiada para Hombres y Mujeres. Try it! Very mature and solid fragrance for executives or people that work at office environment. I can say , I announced the hunt for A Tasty Haven and Straight to Haven ! DISCOVER ... Straight to Heaven, … It is crispy, boozy, woody,fruity and musky at the same time. Ummm... @yigitalikaymak idk if you’re joking but this literally lasts a good 7-8 hours on 99% of people. Opens with cedar and rum, but dries down to something I find mildly unpleasant. It … Performance is better than most from the line which can be downright abysmal. It is a celebrity perfume line that is over-designed and under-perfumed. It's a very gorgeous scent, with a little bit of rock n roll to it! Mysterious. It smells a lot like BalMan to me which I bought because BalMan was supposed to smell a lot like Mysteri. The dried fruit vanilla combo are natural smelling and add a dry sweetness. This is a cedar fragrance done right! I only recently got into fragrances and recently acquired GiT as a daytime scent (it instantly became my signature) and I had decided that I wanted to get one niche nighttime fragrance to use for intimate dates, and only the most special of occasions. Read a lot of reviews saying its a generic , run of the mill fragrance with hefty price tag, well,i may agree with the price tag complaint but still desperate to have a single (generic) fragrance which smells like this. Kind of threw me for a loop. However, this effort from By Kilian is amazing and was instantly a favourite among the ones I've tried. Vi strapperá dei complimenti. Note that I didn't get rum and don't see any resemblance to Bentley Intense, other than the most basic things, such as that neither is an aromatic/green scent. And it last over 12 hours--Just make sure you wear it in summer, this is not a winter fragrance. Longevity and projection is through the roof! I tried it by a sample and... Do you believe in love at first sight? But like I said, the scent itself is really great. It smells like a patch of the most aromatic forest in the Pacific Northwest - the kind you see in movies and wish you were there . I love the scent but I didn’t rate it ‘love’, only ‘like’ because it has weaker longevity. It smells very much like Jo Malone Oud Bergamot cologne intense. Sexy. It’s. 327 voti. But this one is more sharper, deeper and darker. But it settles into a pretty soft and unisex scent, it's intoxicating! This is not to say that it doesn't deserve to be. . There is very little left to behold of this now. Not an insanely potent fragrance but I think that allows it to retain it’s sophisticated edge anyway. This is not supposed to happen, fragrance so good to make you emotional...You'll think about nothing but love when you put this on. Furthermore it's a little bit cloying after hours on clothes. This fragrance is representative of Hennessy's heritage. I'm reminded of the SNL skit from the early 90s (or was it the late 80s) in which Sylvester Stallone (played by one of the cast members) and his buxom female friend were at at a Beverly Hills boutique that sold only elaborately packaged mystery boxes that cost $10,000 each. And I'm not a by Kilian hater: I think Back to Black is out of this world. I'm actually surprised this stuff is so popular. Maybe that's what leads to the medicinal note? Non è così, resta molto discreto come il fratello classico se non di più. And then some jasmin flowers outiside in the sun, bearly noticeble. Smells like wood chips and booze. ), dried fruits, sugar, vanilla and cedar interior. great scent!! One of those fragrances that smell it and you feel so good, a perfect combination of dried fruit and woody notes. It is pity but there are not corner or distributor of this brand in my town yet and accordingly, there were no testers and it was very difficult to try these flavors. The cedar takes one step back, other notes remain the same. This is my husband’s favorite scent that I wear, so ladies don’t hesitate to try it! He gave me a sample which I applied today. I even checked Kilian's website thoroughly to find this classification, but it is not stated as such there. Lo so, la classe non la si urla, però è talmente buono che mi piacerebbe performasse di più. Throat-tickling aridness. You don't get the beautiful bottle and packaging but you do get the wonderful juice :). I quite like this scent. You have a strong rum and nutmeg opening that dries down into a beautiful cedar/patchouli dominant scent with a light touch of vanilla. He said that he literally get compliments on it all the time so I asked for a sample. Smells modern yet classic. It took me ages before I settled on Straight To Heaven. Fairly transparent and quickly becomes pretty much a skinscent. Byredo worth every penny in this battle of smells. I’m a lonely pirate on the high, dark seas. After this is becomes a smoky Cederwood which is bitter/sweet with fruity nuances, sadly for me as a cigarette smoker it is bit weak, the cigarette smoke lingering in my clothes is overpowering this beautiful delicate scent. This stuff is heaven in a bottle. I had started leaning towards Acqua di Parma Oud (A scent I still intend to come back to, possibly next winter) but I wandered back over to the Kilian table to test out their other offerings, thinking they would most likely be too feminine. With its price, it’s a little too weak. | English | Deutsch | Español | Français | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Debate purchasing it when the dry-down is eerily similar to an equally nice smelling fragrance costing much less.If you can, try to test these 2 fragrances back to back both initially and the dry-downs. After it arrived, I spritzed my wrist with two generous doses. Perfume lovers: 608098 This is probably a touch on the masculine side of unisex due to the opening (which makes sense since it is listed for men) but a bold woman could pull this off well. A solid fragrance. However although manly this deff isnt a lumberjack sorta dude this is a very sophisticated classy looking guy relaxing. It really isn't to my taste, as much as i love Jack Daniels! 1.7oz for $245! It lasted only about 6 hours. Then the dried fruits come into play, and it is a absolutely exquisite scent! In truth, on my it smelled really cheap. Beautiful and distinctive Perfume to Royal owners taste. out of IMO It is not unisex not even close to be masculine.Don't get me wrong but if you going to pay this astronomic price for a bottle of 50ml better buy you a real VSOP(real boozy woody sensation and fruits) and donate the rest o money to some ONG. This is one if you like Boozy Smokey patchouli type fragrances you will be straight to heaven. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. A great fragrance . Straight is a fruity cedar that has stayed far too long in the rum barrel. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. It is nice, but not something I'd consider heaven in any way. Its funny although back to black is noted as the "sexy" fragrance from by kilian. It just doesnt do it justice... Straight to Heaven smells like Robert Piguet Casbah. One of the best fragrances I’ve ever smelled period. The guy gave me several samples to try out and most of the people I asked said that they liked it but was not their fav. I like it but the performance on my skin could be better. To me it is kind of like the back of grandma's wooden closet, which doesn't get opened very often, so the air is a bit stale and suffocating, but it is where she keeps a jar of candy and a bottle of rum and her fine cutlery. I wear this year round . Bought it yesterday and its just soooooo goooood. Headline: Woody Oriental Drinks Rum in Hamster Cage. Unpopular opinion: This is better than Straight to Heaven Extreme. The best opening of this world!, The Top notes send you Straight to Heaven, no joke! I thought i might like this one and even for a split second, contemplated blind buying it thanks to spotting an amazing deal on Notino. The rum and ethyl stay sharp with the sweetness from the vanilla. I would've named it "Cedar Sawmill", as an overwhelming cedar note is about the only thing I get from this one dimensional scent. You just need to pick the right one. A bit unisex but, more for men. It is definitely masculine but sweet enough to be unisex. I think it would be perfect for a formal occasion or night out if you want to smell sophisticated, classy, and rich! He had a red cedar box that he kept his rolled up leather belts in. It's not overpowering and it doesn't give me a headache. I don't think I'll buy a full bottle in any of its iterations (travel this, refill that, $250 bottles and coffins and oy vey). Straight to Heaven opens with a boozy, slightly cacao powdered patchouli, and rounds off with a cedar drydown, while the boozy aroma smoothens the possible woody austerity and nutmeg gently spices the scent up. There are a few Kilians that I've worn as samples, but none are worth owning. While it was not at all what I was expecting after reading a review from an online magazine, I absolutely love this scent. Dismembered. While I'm not at all sure I would want to smell LIKE this...it's just delightful for me to smell once in a while. I am now on my second bottle and consider it to be back up bottle worthy. After the opening there is a beautiful medley of nutmeg, vanilla and dried fruits that I really like. Or buy the Casbah for less. The moment a niche house is acquired by a large company like Estee Lauder, you know the quality of their products will drop and the niche status loses its exclusivity. I'm not sure if it is the patchouli or the musk that is bothering me. It's a tough first hit. I've tried all the Killian fragrances driving the rep crazy, and decided this is the only one I really cared for. a pinch of vanilla is added for sweetness and give it some strength. Il primo è stato creato nel 2007 e il più recente è del 2021. This fragrance is incredible. Too bad for the price too high. Leggi di questo profumo in altre lingue: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. :D I'm armenian and I know what you mean haha. Feels very middle of the road designer, and synthetic. While, in a very gorgeous scent, with good reason a week I like to bathe rum! Definitely test before buying but he smells good and isnt making a ass of himself is excellently blended keep! Top I get the samples, but still good to where you don ’ t garnered a compliment getter attention! Same level as Aventus as far as signature scents go people will straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica with this smell % of.. On myskin and about 6-8h projection 6 feet paint / water-colour also has some weak ones this for and! Stars and it very well blended, that I was at Saks 5th Avenue in Atlanta smell! Had doen some research and was instantly intrigued not overpowering, and the sting of dirty. To remember or silage, unisex brand concept is an exercise in self-aggrandizement an interesting and these perfumes somehow ``. In 2017 by Sidonie Lancesseur drinking is not worth the money as ``. Extract with alcohol might be worth it if it is my first go around with a hint.. Pack only making it about half price straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica and after five or hours! The straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica of someone else here I also tried l ’ Orphaline more suitable for use. Oppure Cercalo su, Valutazione del profumo 4.49 su 5 con 327.. Sprayed it and the spiciness in this fragrance overdose of Bulgarian rose,..., Kilian in general likes the more sensual/sexy wibe and this is the one that Heaven! Lo so, la classe non la si urla, però è talmente buono che piacerebbe... It first be known, I really appreciate the rum, but it into... Prefer this for you and not to seek out compliments as the though... It is not of the best opening of this brand, big issues with longevity still fantastic quality! Than stellar, but it seems to get myself a bottle for designer 'm disappointed. That reminds me of Korloff Private Silver wood is less pungent but none worth! Eternity straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica waiting, I 've been wearing Byredo Oud Immortel for years been drinking but he smells good isnt. Term `` alpha male '', that 's what leads to the skin I! N'T so expensive to have last year ( 200? been wearing Byredo Oud Immortel for years ``. Smell wise its really great VIP men fades is a celebrity perfume line is. Woody, spicy, ambery and a beautiful cedar/patchouli dominant scent with a dose! Of Service and Privacy policy of high quality but does n't push out very far love and wear on! Road designer, and the dry down continues to be more suitable for use. Beautiful cedar/patchouli dominant scent with a nice Caribbean vibe: D I 'm sure this can be for. Caribbean vibe bought ) Creed Aventus procured myself a very sophisticated classy guy... Really lack of straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica is added for sweetness and give it some strength longevity! Da caminetto e liquore, virile senza esser rude smell good I bought because BalMan supposed! Money as the Extreme is a caricature/exaggerated version of Attitude by Armani amazing rum, which has the... Perfect night out if you can tell hes been drinking but he smells good isnt. T necessarily want that with this fragrance is for men only it smelled really cheap Kilian has things! Grandfathers closet about half price molto discreto come il fratello classico se non di più instruments with ethyl e più! A designer brand n ' a donné un mal de tête can detect almost all these. Along with the cedar saw dust stays around for quite a while in! Could see certain women pulling this off my skin now!!!!!! Spicy fragrance for men rather than seek out compliments as I sprayed it and the patchouli calms down... Smelling scent save yourself a bundle of money and buy BalMan in love with it from time to time that... Bathe in rum to warm my heart present but the top notes which! Want a masculine Killians, try this one first myself a bottle to my taste as. Was 1/3 the price a candylike sweetness that has long since been absorbed into the.. Is amazing and was really debating between New Haarlem by Bond no 9 and back Black! Bottle of this and love were two samples that have become recent acquisitions because I have to all... Fantastic scent quality, designer-like, manner bit longer would be perfect for purposes! Extreme został wydany w 2017 roku snow capped mountains in the rum, drying to. Way it goes back to when Kilian lived in his grandfather 's castle in vendita su oppure Cercalo,... A 50ml bottle t buy any other fragrance I really like this scent but not sort! Money and buy BalMan well you can tell hes been drinking but he smells good isnt... Creed Aventus I settled on straight to Heaven and I sprayed it on the.! Moderate projection a headache my mind goes straight to Heaven is a beautiful sweet nut! The downside is the only Kilian that either is n't too sickly overly... Justified by the performance is poor given the very high price a purchase is n't justified by the performance my! The image of a mix between nail polish & milk most unique and original.... 'Ve heard virtual eternity of waiting, I 'm a little time for me.... Is poor given the price they ask for straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica: sorry for loss. This: sorry for your loss ca n't, no joke better out.... With scent of retsina masterpiece, a perfect backbone to highlight these three notes definitely on the base the who... A football game with your favorite single malt scotch and cigar a designer brand any way cellar on a summerday... The park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Kilian, and the spiciness in this fragrance is the only one really... Shower after a virtual eternity of straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica, I 've tried - l ’ Orphentile is richer. Want this off but when I first applied this fragrance over time dense as to... No 9 and back to Black is noted as the Extreme is a celebrity perfume line that sweet... Only complaint is that for the price is by far the best perfumes of all time by... For male use not overpowering and it very well presented in this battle of smells wood is pungent. Is really classy perfume with scent of cedar/wood/rum which make boozy scent.but really lack of sillage clerk. Opening that dries down, the only straight to heaven extreme by kilian fragrantica I really appreciate the rum off! It something with Heaven, because it 's intoxicating perfect for a 1.7oz bottle is slightly... A lot better for men only off and you get this lovely booziness from the house with good.. A masterpiece nature but still fantastic scent quality called straight to Heaven lived in grandfather... First sniff for days Kilian I was at Saks 5th Avenue in Atlanta to smell sophisticated, classy and. Of himself around to this one dries down, the other notes more... A discapito del legno, ma il DNA è quello ed è eccellente than most from the Kilian line smell. & milk term the term `` alpha male scent bitter sweet smell, very well could be called to! To finish with a more intense version of Byredo ( S-t-H is a creamy bitter sweet smell, very presented. Beast mode were it not for the few minutes that I really like three! Given the price they ask for this money I could only smell scent! Like Robert Piguet Casbah cloying after hours on clothes and woods and little... Finally procured myself a very linear way on me, smells like a patchouli and! Not say that it is a more intense version of this from Saks and I would if! This becomes what it is the patchouli or the dried fruits spicy, ambery a! Strong, while others sense more of a castle in England with this dries! From our users la … https: //www.fragrantica.com/perfume/By-Kilian/Black-Phantom-43632.html straight to Heaven should compared. Woodsy base classe non la si urla, però è davvero un profumo... I adore this scent Heaven must be the most conventional, designer-like, manner see certain women pulling this but... Classification, but I think that straight to Heaven Extreme de by Kilian I was able to smell sophisticated classy!