ONE: Garou vs Boros, who would win, you ask? Either through statements, hype, prior feats or incidents or how easy they accomplished something. Although there is a difference between what the hero association and ONE himself describes these characters as. Lord Boros vs Kaguya Otsutsuki is a What-If? Goku fears a building level explosion, Boros stomps I guess. @darthspider42: That's a way to look at it. Boros has that raw power advantage but the gap is not big enough to make him the winner as Naruto has more weapons in his arsenal. It's the battle of the planetcracking and climatic villains in this planetary Death Battle! This is Base vs Sealed. Saitama's Serious Punch easily destroyed Collapsing Star, that could destroy a star. But don t forget that saitama with A PUNCH,opened a hole through different dimensions(physical and spiritual)in the new chapter 100. Lord Borosis an alien from the series One Punch Man, who invaded earth in search of a legendary fight; foretold to him years before. Start date Aug 20, 2020; Prev. Being the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, he has led his group across the universe, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction behind him. I've never seen that. Though its obviously up for debate if the disaster levels are appropriate. Boros solo God stomps with his Collapsing Star, Roaring Cannon that can destroy a star. He beat Sasuke whom had power equal or close to Hagoromo as stated by Kurama (y'know the old dude who created the moon). Dragon+ does not include god. I'm a firm believer that the CSRC was surface level only, and that still makes him god level threat. I'm not sure If I'm explaining this very well, sorry about that. That is indeed a common problem with superheroes, as in most of them shouldn't work as the coefficient of friction is not sufficient. Whether you think it's surface level, planet level or star level, he IS god level threat that much is undeniable, which only needs to threaten human extinction. @darthspider42: Deep Sea King (hydrated) is considered a high/above demon, as in generally more powerful than other demons (by far), but not quite dragon. So, Boros wins then. BSM Naruto (weaker version) overpowering GWRE makes up for the difference in strength. Mega Mewtwo and Unsealed Boros are where both get a super boost in speed with Mewtwo getting sub rel scaling too. Boros claps off with this Naruto wank, narutards literally called Naruto “OmNiPoTent”. @megafanflash: It seems like "Hoshi" can mean anything from small moon to a star. Boros boasts himself as the strongest fighter in the universe, and also that he is bored with his overwhelming power. Let alone planetary, there is no proof that Naruto is even moon level/Country level. Seriously tho boros could pass by him and turn him into fried nuggets without even touching him which would be way worse considering how pathetic naruo physicals are. 5 months ago. Aug 21, 2020 #60 klaatu said: Friction, not weight. Naruto is my first and favorite anime,but seeing the "ultimate fans" wanking it to limit make me hate this fandom. As the association is in verse, meaning they can be wrong etc, since they operate with the information available and assumes power of an enemy or even never sees certain powerful enemies and therefore dont provide them with an appropriate disaster level. Naruto=Almost dying by the miss of chakra,could destroy a continent, Boros=Could destroy multiple continents(these guy has annihilated a lotnof civilizations). Wiping the planet surface would a include wiping out the oceans along with the continents. Orochi. Boros vs naruto is debatable, with a slight majority of viners leaning towards boros. Boros Godstomps. And Sasuke has no where near the durability Bijuu Sage Mode Naruto has. Episode of Death Battle. Combine physical stats of Peak Juubito, Peak Juudara, Peak Kaguya, Peak Naruto and Peak Sasuke in one body, Boros still solo God stomps. Being an Inner of Kara, Boro was regarded as completely monstrous in terms of power, with Code stating that he, just like himself, is stronger than the fellow Inner Delta and even stated that either Boro or Code would be sent next to retrieve Kawaki from Naruto Uzumaki after the strongest shinobi had just decisively overpowered Delta, and Kawaki claiming he was in some ways even worse than Jigen. Naruto's speed far outclasses Boros. I dont watch naruto but it seems the fans think that his throwing star thing can solve everything, Boros low end feats are narutos high end feats Boros wins. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @revold: he IS god level threat that much is undeniable. The same exist for every category. That there are confirmed FTL's weaker than him (his squid underling and Flash) reinforces this. And sorry,using just feats,not phrases or dialogues. Round 2: Unleashed Boros vs. Six Paths Yin Kurama Sage Mode Naruto. Never finished Naruto but i understand he's not in that class? Boros' striking is city level, minus that kick, rather unimpressive. Faster than Naruto has even displayed. Naruto tanked a moon splitter and has many good feats going against Pseudo-planetary threats such as Momo, Kaguya or Madara. Boros vs. Naruto 2. Boros is comfortably planet buster, not continent. Anything higher than that is a heavy assumption, plus saitama has no resistance to hax abilities so he gets negged by everyone. Both in one on one battles and in a two vs. one showdown. Hopefully the anime will get there and give Boros a much needed boost before another Naruto movie comes out and makes Naruto and Sasuke universal gods or some shit. He was able to take out Puri Puri Prisoner before achieving his "true form" and S-class heroes are supposed to be able to take out Demon level threats by themselves according to their classification. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Hax, Stamina, Range, Tactics, Senses, various techniques and general strength. Utilizing Senjutsu,… Theres also the issue of Blast and the Hero Association probably wouldn't label anyone a God level unless Blast lost to them, because in canon Blast is said to come out of hiding when a threat to humanity shows up. FromSigma957. Naruto solos the verse if you remove Saitama.He creates as many clones as there are characters in the series and even more, then Madaras them. Here’s the order of who’s the strongest and here’s my reasoning for it: 1. Meliodas>>boros>= naruto>>>>>>juubito>meliodas... Boruto's dad been stomping for 15 pages now. Meliodas vs juubito is considered low-mid diff in favor of juubito. Last month i saw A LOT of people saying naruto could defeat jin mori in a bloodlusted battle,LUL. All Jigen did was send Boro after a sealed Naruto Jigen ALSO knows that even if Sasuke tries to come back and save Naruto, hes heavily wounded and fatigued AT BEST Jigen merely thinks Boro > a dead on his feet Sasuke Thats it An attack with that much force and energy is a literal earth shattering feat. Also Boros is super fast. This is implied by nobody being aware of Boros' existence except Saitama and Genos so they he wouldn't get a level, and even though Garou is as powerful as Boros, none of the other Heroes would have considered him at near God level since some saw a B class Saitama fighting him, so Garou would most likely be considered High Dragon due to beating Golden Sperm and other S-Classes, but possibly being weakened and taken out by a B class hero. Naruto is a good anime to think about your life ,not to put against hella strong characters and think they could win. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Boros 4 Kaguya 5 Intermission 6 Pre-Battle 7 Death Battle! Also, people in the verse generally aren't aware of Saitama yet, so Dragon and God level threats would still appear although Saitama technically could OS. Pages Other Brand Website Entertainment Website ANIME EPIC Fights Videos NARUTO SASUKE VS … Saitama is at MOST multi continental due to the fact he overpowered boros move which could “scorch the earth”. Hold my uhh light speed moon kevel naruto .. It still doesn't explain why the databook put him as "Dragon". Boros one shots and solos the verse. Let me remind you guys that a planet is extremely tiny compared to a star. Bleach i really agree,those shinigamis are way beyond my mind. Naruto still sneezes OPM away casually Saitama's best feat isn't even a 200th of what Naruto did to GWRE against Toneri its literally spite (for now) OPM just isn't on Naruto or Bleach Level's yet. He can react to a light speed attack, that's it. @megafanflash: It seems like "Hoshi" can mean anything from small moon to a star.My bad, i guess there is a reason ONE didn't say he was a god level threat. @joviolma: he actually does in the date book and also confirmed by murata himself a few months ago lol. Naruto is FTL and Planet level. I will literally CaV anyone here on ALL OF OPM vs Naruto and I'll restrict Naruto to only physicals as well just to prove how much of a mismatch it is in his favour, Its funny that people think any naruto character besides kaguya could even hope of going against a star buster. Boros, one of Saitama's few semi-decent opponents, take on the main characters of the Naruto franchise. Wow, 5 years of Naruto stomping?? The match for naruto is garou,confirmed country and naruto confirmed moon level(which is 81 times smaller than earth). © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. One Punch Man episode 11-12music:$uicideboy$ - $outh $ide $uicide$uicideboy$ - West End For things to melt cause of ur speed,o need to be way,WAY FASTER THAN LIGHT,its physics. lmao at naruto being ftl or anywhere close to a planet buster, Boros claps the verse with his armor still on, Boros will never win this fight lmao he gets blitzed and 1 shot. Just the shockwaves from Saitama's punch was enough to destroy a mountain. Do u guys understand that saitama trespass flashy flash(light speed runner confirmed) without difficulty. Naruto is a prodigal student of Frog Kata, which is the fighting style he uses while in Sage Mode. Damn this been going for 2 years really lmao . Naruto wank on this site is God level. He has the ability to destroy Boros with a thought. Naruto still stomps Boros and his entire crew with utterly ease though, this didn't changed since the War Arc. Base Naruto blitzes and one shots with a single Rasenshuriken, Naruto stomps so hard it isn't even funny. Os dois maiores vilões de dois ícones dos animes do estilo shounem se degladiarão até a morte. But now that Garou has basically become the perfect monster, it is hard to tell who would win, it would've been one hell of a battle. No "Non-Immortal" Naruto character is going to win against him. Actually, thinking about it, combine physical stats of all named characters in Naruto Shippuden, Boros still solo stomps. I don't think it was ever classified what Naruto would do about Boros regeneration or how he would survive a CRSC? I also only said Base Mewtwo. And "naruto solo opm verse including saitama its just too stupid". We're using Naruto and Sasuke as of the Boruto movie. Seeking out the ultimate fight, he wants nothing mo… Dec 2, 2020 #2 Interesting, One is at least continental+ and sub relativistic+ and the other is multi continental and MHS+. And boros would never got hit by the truth seeking orbs. Lord Boros from one punch man vs Naruto and sasuke in boruto Anime and Manga - Naruto This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Round 3: Meteoric Burst Boros vs. Six Paths Complete kurama Sage Mode Naruto. Amazing. It just destroyed mountains and thats it. So, uh, AOE fallacy? Even a surface level attack pretty much guarantee human extinction let alone threaten. Naruto still takes this for now because of the DC difference. Removing Saitama or Tatsumaki etc from the equation and we'd still have the same Demon, Dragon and potential god level threats. Next. Hokage Naruto fears tree level lasers... Boros for the win. And for the one whou said opm verse is nothing compared to bleach and naruto verse,just wait. Do u really think naruto single attack could destroy this massive planet? December 19, 2019. Whats an example of Above Demon and Demon+? No disrespect to the other 2 guys that responded to this question, but they’re flat out wrong. Thats literally the entire reason i said kaguya is the only one who stands a chance. There's literally no way Boros taking on Naruto.He lacks in LITERALLY every single area except for Regeneration to compete with Naruto. My bad, i guess there is a reason ONE didn't say he was a god level threat. - Naruto is better than Boros in all of this. 1 Xelioszzapporro Aug 21, 2020 #41 Dzhindzholia said: This is basically wrong. And the best part its "naruto is planetary". You tryna say that laser had more AP than 5 Biju bombs? And if u are considering guide books infos,lets use the guide book that said boros attack is star level(imo i dont believe). Meliodas vs boros is considered a mismatch in favor of meliodas.