Considering that Beast Wars starts after the death of the dinosaurs, but before the advent of humans, the actual span of timeframe could be greater than 60 million years. Synopsis:An animated series about beastly forces, the Maximals and the Predacons, battling to control an energy source that gives its owner supreme power over the universe. We don't have any cast added to this movie. Photos of the Transformers: Beast Wars (Show) voice actors. 1998. Cheetor voiced by Ian James Corlett and 1 other. Fan Casting Beast wars transformers movie Story added by bluejohnnywalker on November 6, 2019 The two main factions of "Transformers" in Beast Wars are descendants of the two main factions in the original cartoon: the Maximalsare the descendants of the Autobots and the Predacons are the descendants of the Decepticons. Clash! This is a list of characters from the animated television series Beast Wars: Transformers. This has led many Predacons to … Top Billed Cast. Rattrap voiced by Scott McNeil and 1 other. Between dubbing the second and third seasons of Beast Wars into Japanese, the country that birthed Transformers filled the gap with its own shows.The first of these was Beast Wars II/Beast Wars Second.Taking place during the future the Beast Wars protagonists came from, the cast was made up of the Maximals, led by Lio Convoy/Leo Prime, and the Predacons, … If that figure is accurate, then the Beast Wars could have lasted longer than every component of the Great War, the impetus for the entire franchise. Compare that to G1, which introduced more than 30 characters in the first episode alone. Tasmania Kid Kenji Nakano. Beast Wars doesn't, and probably won't into the future. This does not include characters only appearing in collector's club or convention-related comics (from 3H or Fun Publications), or toy-only characters. Optimus Primal voiced by Garry Chalk and 1 other. A spaceship carrying a Dimentional Warp Gate crashes on Planet Gaea. This is an interview with voice actor Scott McNeil on his experience working on the 1990s cartoon, Beast Wars: Transformers. 1 Maximals 2 Predacons 3 Vehicons 4 Non-aligned characters 5 Characters from the original series in the 80s 6 … Beast Warriors. Note: I don't own any of these photos. Windrazor voiced by Chris Tang. (1998) Cast (34) Hozumi Gôda. Beast Wars: Transformers (1996–1999) Series Cast & Crew. 1 Maximals 2 Predacons 3 Non-aligned characters 4 Characters from the original series in the 80s 5 References Optimus Primal/Optimal Optimus The commander of the Maximals and their ship the Axalon. The Beast Wars between the Maximals and Predacons intensifies and complicates upon the arrival of Majin Zarak, a titanic and terrifying Transformer. Login to Edit Cast & Crew. Reviews 0; Discussions 0; We don't have any reviews for Transformers: Beast Wars. It … While none of the Beast Wars cast was in the Funimation dub that many Dragon Ball Z fans recognize, they did appear in the Ocean dub. Beast Wars II: Lio Convoy's Close Call! Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by ezim93, Oct 9, 2020. What is much more understandably offensive is how the beloved cast of Beast Wars was distorted to fit this new narrative. The Transformers film series may be on the ropes, but Beast Wars could be the key to reinvigorating the franchise. Toys Beast Wars. Lio Convoy Takehito Koyasu. Here he talks about his highly anticipated five-comic series ‘Last Stand of the Wreckers’ with James Roberts, his early days of doing ‘Transformers fan art for convention and fan publications, his work for IDW Publishing – ‘Transformers: Spotlight’ one … Some sources suggest that they were born from what remained of the original five Predacons.1 By order of the Pax Cybertronia, they exist as something of an underclass, appearing to be equals, but firmly under the Maximals in the social order. The series are noted primarily for the return of Unicron, … Social. Media. Beast Wars was a spinoff of the Transformers series that functioned as a sequel to the iconic series. Optimus Primal was suddenly a religious zealot. Synopsis. G1 also gets a look-in in the toy line each year. Galvatron tricks Lio Junior into handing over the control of the gate. Convoy / Burning Convoy (voice) Tetsuo Komura. Scuba / Drillnuts Yumiko Kobayashi. Arising from the ashes of the Great War, the Predacons are, at least in part, descendants of the Decepticons. You can help by adding some! Overview. Galvatron Sanryô Odaka. Terrorsaur (Basic); Japanese ID number: D-5 Part of the first wave of Beast Wars toys, Terrorsaur transforms from an organic pteranodon to robot mode with a spring-loaded one-step transformation. 8 Beast Wars Voice Cast Worked On Dragon Ball Z A fun fact about Beast Wars was that many of the voice actors on the show worked on another popular cartoon series at the time, Dragon Ball Z . Full Cast & Crew: Beast Wars II: Lio Convoy's Close Call! In that time, of that already limited cast, only a handful of the characters have been given any kind of limelight. Diver Yûji Kishi. All photos are credited by their respective users. Transformers: Beast Wars is an entertainment franchise from Hasbro, and is part of the larger Transformers franchise. Based on the wildly popular Hasbro toyline, Transformers enjoyed a string of successful films by director Michael Bay before the bottom fell out with Transformers: The Last Knight.Bumblebee served as something of a soft reboot and was a modest box office … Beast Wars ran for three seasons from 1996 until 1999 and told the story of the Maximals and the evil Predacons battling for survival during the Pliocene Epoch. The Beast Wars cast did not reprise their characters' voices for the game, and while their presence would have made the game WAAAAAAY better, it's probably best that they managed to avoid marching in this crap parade. This week the Comic Cast was delighted to sit down and shoot the breeze with Transformers comic artist and writer Nick Roche. Screenplay. The Beast Wars Special was composed of three individual segments.. Beast Wars: Alec Willows, Campbell Lane, Colin Murdock, Donald Brown, Doug Parker, Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff, Kappei Yamaguchi, Susan Blu Beast Wars - Cast, Crew and Credits - … Synopsis. Directed by (24) Writing credits (22) Cast (19) Produced by (7) Music by (1) Film Editing by (4) Casting By (2) Production Design by (1) Art Direction by (1) Production Management (5) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director (1) Plot Unknown. Note: I don't own any of these photos. Tigatron voiced by Martin Roach. A brave and compassionate leader, Optimus named himself after a great hero of old: … The first segment, known as "Clash!Beast Warriors", was a narrated clip show recapping the events of the first season of Beast Wars.The clip show was narrated by various characters and included scenes from episodes specifically selected for their … With the power to cross time and space, Galvatron intends to bring Megatron to Gaea. The Japanese series Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo were created to fill the gap while the second and third seasons of Beast Wars were being translated into Japanese (called Beast Wars: Metals).The characters originate from the future that the Beast Wars teams left, but the events of the series take place in the far future. The shows are part of the Transformers franchise, based around alien robots transforming into animals and vehicles. It was the first series in the Western part of the franchise since the The Transformers that was entirely made up of new animation. Bighorn Katashi Ishizuka. In Japan, there are two different versions of this toy: one nearly identical to the Hasbro version, another with a more show-like coloration, lacking the green spots and … Beast Wars Ongoing Announced. Razorclaw is a part of the Beast Wars cast and a version of Headstrong (though renamed Hardhead) also appears as part of the Beast Wars cast of Predacons. Megatron, a charismatic, relatively ideology free huckster in Beast Wars, was transformed into a humorless, bizarrely bigoted despot. All photos are credited by their respective users. Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals Cast. James Vanderbilt. This is a list of characters from the animated television series Beast Wars: Transformers and Beast Machines, the sequel to Beast Wars. They seem to present the characters as a direct continuation of the previous Autobot/Decepticon conflict, with Optimus Primal actually being a new form of Optimus Prime and Megatron being his Generation 1 counterpart, and their battles … This is a sortable list of characters and toys in the Beast Wars franchise, part of the larger Transformers franchise, from Hasbro.This includes characters appearing in an animated series, comics or video games. The on-package bios of the first wave of Beast Wars toys predate the development of the Beast Wars cartoon and its backstory. User Score. The show cast is very small, and there are only 30 different designs in the entire three season run. But Gigastorm mistakenly brings the behemoth Majin Zarak instead. There have been an array of Transformers that have managed to join together in order to create a seemingly menacing force. The fiction directly follows the Transformers: Generation 1 continuity established by the 1984 series and animated film.It ignores the continuity established by the Japanese Transformers series, though this franchise would have two exclusive Japanese … 1 Synopsis 2 Episodes 2.1 Season 1: 1996–1997 2.2 Season 2: … 33 images (& sounds) of the Transformers: Beast Wars cast of characters. Beast Wars, known as Beasties in Canada, is a 1996 animated television series animated by Canadian studio Mainframe entertainment to accompany the toy line of the same name. Transformers: Beast Wars. Apache Masami Iwasaki. Silverbolt voiced by Scott McNeil and 1 other. Beast Wars has an established list of characters that were put in place 20+ years ago. With Hozumi Gôda, Takehito Koyasu, Tetsuo Komura, Sanryô Odaka. Directed by Akira Nishimori. Beast Wars isn't G1 though. ... but with how comparatively small the cast of Beast Wars is compared to G1 there shouldn't be this many characters that are super similar to each other unless they're related.