How should the past life of nations and of humanity be regarded--as the result of the free, or as the result of the constrained, activity of man? Or what if I were to allow--would it not be a singular allowance?--that our furniture should be more complex than the Arab's, in proportion as we are morally and intellectually his superiors! You need an answer to a basic question: "Where should I go for Italian food?". Katie said she should confront him when he did that - tell him how it made her feel. But I should like to see the right flank. "I should like," said the vicomte, "to ask how monsieur explains the 18th Brumaire; was not that an imposture? This policy actually has a lot of logic to it, so we, Ethnic minorities who already lived in the country, These results suggest that future genetic models for the evolution of aging, The point being made here is not that music, Also, I am quite a nice person who would not do you over. That marriage lacked the dual significance it should have had. Davis should know such needless defense was embarrassing for her. Take a deep breath… and you’re ready for work! The sleeve of his coat kept slipping down and he always carefully rolled it up again with his left hand, as if it were most important that the sinewy white arm he was flourishing should be bare. To solve the question of how freedom and necessity are combined and what constitutes the essence of these two conceptions, the philosophy of history can and should follow a path contrary to that taken by other sciences. It was great news and she should have felt relieved. If I should soon bring this meditation to an end, would another so sweet occasion be likely to offer? She is not conscious of any reason why she should be awkward; consequently, her movements are free and graceful. What would happen, do you think, if some one should try to measure our intelligence by our ability to define the commonest words we use? We should have attacked Napoleon in the center or on the right, and the engagement would have taken place on the twenty-fifth, in the position we intended and had fortified. You should let him take a decent nap in our room and drop this silly business. Banks must examine all documents. It was very beautiful; but the idle fairies were too much frightened at the mischief their disobedience had caused, to admire the beauty of the forest, and at once tried to hide themselves among the bushes, lest King Frost should come and punish them. Adjective Examples (50 Simple and Easy Sentences) Adjectives are the words that manifest the attributes of a noun or a pronoun. If so, maybe they should put one on the payroll. 50 Short-term Goal Examples. For example, for aching joints, you should take evening primrose oil and increase your intake of oily fish. I should have recorded your first reaction. "Good friend," he said, "if you should find something that we have lost, what would you do with it?". 35+ Simple English Sentences … It seems strange that my first reading of Shakespeare should have left me so many unpleasant memories. Ah yes, there was something else important, very important, that I was keeping till I should be in bed. There are a few who remember his little patch among the walnuts, which he let grow up till he should be old and need them; but a younger and whiter speculator got them at last. " There should be some parking spaces available. " "I think that before discussing these questions," Pierre continued, "we should ask the Emperor--most respectfully ask His Majesty--to let us know the number of our troops and the position in which our army and our forces now are, and then...". I heard it proposed lately that two young men should travel together over the world, the one without money, earning his means as he went, before the mast and behind the plow, the other carrying a bill of exchange in his pocket. As she stared at the caskets she knew she should feel something – should cry. You should start on that final psychology assignment. "You should get some rest, Carmen," Felipa said. You must stop playing computer games. The other girls felt sorry that she should suffer for so small a fault. I should get rid of this and buy something a little more feminine. "Look," I said to my wife, "We should give more thought to this. Maybe I should try it; like in memory of Annie. However, you should make sure to buy low-mercury varieties. You shouldn't change your goals simply because they don't fit into someone else's plans. In their rear, more than a mile from Mikulino where the forest came right up to the road, six Cossacks were posted to report if any fresh columns of French should show themselves. "Natalya Ilynichna," Pierre began, dropping his eyes with a feeling of pity for her and loathing for the thing he had to do, "whether it is true or not should make no difference to you, because...". Compare should (go) and should have (gone) in the following examples: You should eat your breakfast. "I should never, never have believed that one could be so happy," she whispered to herself. "He always was rather harsh; and now I should think he's getting very trying," said Prince Andrew, apparently speaking lightly of their father in order to puzzle or test his sister. In the village, outside the drink shop, another meeting was being held, which decided that the horses should be driven out into the woods and the carts should not be provided. Although she speaks seldom, she says meaningful words. First sentences, of course, have different functions—to amuse, to frighten, to mystify—and the mechanics a writer uses to achieve this connection vary from genre to genre. When I meet a government which says to me, "Your money or your life," why should I be in haste to give it my money? By the blushes of Aurora and the music of Memnon, what should be man's morning work in this world? Back to the Top. "He should pay folks off properly," a thin workingman, with frowning brows and a straggly beard, was saying. It was the wish of his father and mother that every day of his life should be a day of perfect happiness. Example sentences in the present tense illustrate the use of each verb. "If I had answered your questions differently, I should have told a lie," said Otanes; "and none but cowards tell lies". So why should we listen to what they call normal? But after the first time, I should have known. He pretends to fall into a swoon and says senseless things that should have ruined him. ‘The grass is always greener” is a proverb that teaches us it’s not good to be jealous (to want what other people have). They do not represent the opinions of Such a pleasant day and evening should have ended with a restful night and happy dreams, but it didn't. For my part, I should like to know who in those days did not build them--who were above such trifling. Though with the intimacy now established between the wounded man and Natasha the thought occurred that should he recover their former engagement would be renewed, no one--least of all Natasha and Prince Andrew--spoke of this: the unsettled question of life and death, which hung not only over Bolkonski but over all Russia, shut out all other considerations. The Internet has no central planning agency deciding what new, cool websites should be made. These are the sentences … I should have moved away, but I couldn't stand to leave the ranch. Alex didn't like any kind of discord, which generally meant that she shouldn't contest anything he said or did. The other generals, however, understood it and, leaving aside the question of Moscow, spoke of the direction the army should take in its retreat. I wrote timidly, fearfully, but resolutely, urged on by my teacher, who knew that if I persevered, I should find my mental foothold again and get a grip on my faculties. He told Simonides he was only going to pay him half the fee and if he wanted the other half, he should collect it from Castor and Pollux. Here 50 conjunction sentences; I can pass after the green light is on. I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well. When he spoke of the execution he wanted to pass over the horrible details, but Natasha insisted that he should not omit anything. The baby was half his and he should be sharing equally in its financial needs. Cade should accept the responsibility of his actions as well. 32–34: Grains Although grains have gotten a bad rap in recent years, some types are very healthy. However painful it may be to me, should the Almighty lay the duties of wife and mother upon me I shall try to perform them as faithfully as I can, without disquieting myself by examining my feelings toward him whom He may give me for husband. They work at jobs they do not like, doing work a machine should be doing. You should have stayed there with him, Adrienne. she pleaded. "Teach me what I should do, how to live my life, how I may grow good forever, forever!" he said, exchanging glances with his young companion. "I should like to be a sailor," said George Washington. Maybe I should call him myself, just to make sure. In the first case, if inevitability were possible without freedom we should have reached a definition of inevitability by the laws of inevitability itself, that is, a mere form without content. shall example sentences. Good goal: Jog for 20 minutes … What is surprising is that they should trouble about these things now when it can no longer be of interest to them. He hopes we should be in time to get away tomorrow, but I think it would now be better to stay here, said Mademoiselle Bourienne. If I should squeeze one, there wouldn't be anything left of it. They understood that the saddles and Junot's spoon might be of some use, but that cold and hungry soldiers should have to stand and guard equally cold and hungry Russians who froze and lagged behind on the road (in which case the order was to shoot them) was not merely incomprehensible but revolting. Did you see something today that we should know about, Bordeaux? He alone during the whole retreat insisted that battles, which were useless then, should not be fought, and that a new war should not be begun nor the frontiers of Russia crossed. She turned everything out and began quickly repacking, deciding that the inferior Russian carpets and unnecessary crockery should not be taken at all. EXAMPLE “You have 6 hours of free time now. And they asked what they should do about it. It seems strange to many people that I should be impressed by the wonders and beauties of Niagara. Since his appointment as general on duty he had always slept with his door open, giving orders that every messenger should be allowed to wake him up. We should enter into everyone's situation. Bad goal: Start running. Example sentences for the noun 'chain' and the verb 'chain': Her necklace was a simple gold chain. If it were a war for freedom I could understand it and should be the first to enter the army; but to help England and Austria against the greatest man in the world is not right. Words that can … Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Anna Mikhaylovna, in a few words, told her the contents of the letter, on condition that she should tell no one. "I should like to go to Kuragin's," thought he. Some can handle compound-complex sentences… If working every day were not my trade, I could get all the meat I should want by hunting-pigeons, woodchucks, rabbits, partridges--by gosh! And by bringing variously selected historic units (battles, campaigns, periods of war) into such equations, a series of numbers could be obtained in which certain laws should exist and might be discovered. You should have eaten your breakfast. It will be very useful. Below are many simple English sentences you can use in different situations at work, even if you’re a beginner to learning English. Sokolov, one of the soldiers in the shed with Pierre, was dying, and Pierre told the corporal that something should be done about him. When I left New York the idea had become a fixed purpose; and it was decided that I should go to Cambridge. When the leaders of nations decide war is the best choice, they should know better. But sometimes it was a really noble and inspiring strain that reached these woods, and the trumpet that sings of fame, and I felt as if I could spit a Mexican with a good relish--for why should we always stand for trifles?--and looked round for a woodchuck or a skunk to exercise my chivalry upon. The old man was living as a convict, submitting as he should and doing no wrong. Let me suppose, for example, that some modern 'Hobbes,' in dissertating on society at large, Novelty of a dissertational work and its theme, During 1914, it was decided that the Society, For potted evergreens or more acid-loving plants a more acidic fertilizer, But, I am bound to add, in the context of the spirit of Western enterprise, it, She shouldn't be thinking about him anyway, she, Perhaps distantly connected, however, is the issue currently circulating of whether academics, These guy games may seem distasteful, but it, There is no amount that is too small to be recycled, and everybody, Behind in races, he would find himself becoming dispirited and not fighting as hard as he, Segmenting the business into three distinct entities, All games of the raid type require that those taking part, I can then prepare the engrossments for your signatures and I note that I, To be effective as an enlivener of others, a clergyman, It was much easier to just get a new plate than it was to try to fix the one with duct tape, though in theory it, The latter keeps the display from distracting the driver when he, When the couple steps into the impressive entrance hall they, This is something no one dare tell a distraught woman, desperate to know whether she, Scientists have been working hard on this crucial problem, so we, Citizens of countries who do not require a visa to enter Bulgaria, Granting that Korean unification is indeed an enigmatical problem, why, Proposing this debate at your next management away day, Assuming this book contains correct entries, the systems listed, These are all relevant when considering whether its disposal, I've thought about who could get use or enjoyment out of my possessions and have written down who, First, authorities will not only receive your distress signal, but they, As smaller countries, their voting rights, Even people who are normally, and understandably, distrustful of cops, When it matters we will be far less disposed than we, It was therefore essential that, in making his dispositions, the strategist, If they were asking the important question of what can cause disturbed behaviour in children they, The freedom of an individual to create wealth and spend it without envious attacks is a value that we all, For the second time in as many games, goals which, The usual five-hour match period around midday, This assertion is certainly legally disputable at the very least, and Burnside, If you want to ditch school and come over to hang out with me, they why, Such statements bear the mark of a wan hope that evangelicals and Pentecostals, Those of you who might naively imagine that vitriolic historical disputation is a transient phenomenon of Australian academe, In the case of a suspension or disqualification the Case Tribunal will also need to consider the period over which such a sanction, Given that, are you in any way disquieted by your certainty that we, Charles also ordered that navy rations stored in the docks in the East End, Well, any time you disqualify military votes you, Although you may play a hundred games, and never have to use the En Passant rule, you, Admittedly I was quite disquieted by the thought of songs lasting longer than 15 minutes, but I, After she hung up my boss remarked about how oversensitive she is and said we, Chen, the temple's caretaker, spent months divining what images, scenes and poems, He said the solicitors' code of conduct indicated that they, Currently, we are experiencing a disruptive period which, Now, if the theatre had produced this indecency, vice, or disreputableness, or encouraged it, we, The divergence of views suggests a marked lack of consensus at the Bar on how complaints of this nature, Though he has a habit of starting slowly, given an even break he, I am sure I thanked them there and then but, even so, I, I'll divert more power to the shields, that, Parents who have children starting school in September, Management to increase the genetic diversity of the population, Parents are reminded that enrolment forms are now available at the school and, Baptists dissented from a state religion that claimed the right to determine what, If people think it is all right to dish it out, then I think they, When a state's appropriation imparts too generous a benefit to religion alone, the establishment clause, With a roster of tough guys who have some scoring touch, you, In retaliation I have just eaten a curry and I am now in the process of guzzling a large quantity of beer, that, This is distinct from dishonesty and misconduct, which, He knew he had disgraced himself and dishonored everything an FBI agent, I think if someone is totally dishonoured in their private life, you, This guarantee ensures the full value is repayable, Washing machines and dishwashers are more complex, but still, Any foreign body that has not passed the stomach in three to four weeks, Patients who have had two consecutive endoscopies that show no dysplasia, He had been an ardent supporter and endower of the Abbey and is fitting that he, In all fairness, it would also seem that an objective, disinterested party, There is no reason why the relevant disinterested person, Most of the recipes have at least one photo so you have an idea of what your end product, She spurns his advances on several occasions, but he remains persistent, warning Eliza that she, We'll see how it sounds after she dubs it, but I really think we, Firstly, I still believe that the England manager's job, He has been actively engaged in an open exchange on what Indonesia is and, However, efficacy studies and theoretical speculations. There is no “i” next to that “o”! English may be spoken all over the world, but that doesn't mean it's the most popular language or that you're not missing out if you choose to … Quint knew he should quell the ire that surged up and pounded in his neck. Why should we live with such hurry and waste of life? Some columns, supposing they had reached their destination, halted, piled arms, and settled down on the cold ground, but the majority marched all night and arrived at places where they evidently should not have been. I am not saying if you love digging ditches, you should do something else. Actually, it was how my friends celebrated my birthday. There was a period when intellectuals believed and spoke openly of the idea that the "breeding" of the "unfit" should be limited. 3. How to use shall in a sentence. And it had to happen that he should come specially to Petersburg while we are here. The machine should start looking for correlations we would not expect. Regarding disorders and disabilities: We should be able to repair, heal, or replace any part of the body not functioning at the level the person with the disability reasonably wishes it to. "That's how everything is done with us, all topsy-turvy!" And he had only one wish-- that the frightful thing that had to happen should happen quickly. Bennigsen should have advanced into Prussia sooner, then things would have taken a different turn... That rule says that an attacker should concentrate his forces in order to be stronger than his opponent at the moment of conflict. This carload of torn sails is more legible and interesting now than if they should be wrought into paper and printed books. I should have gone this morning, like I planned. Irons, a neighbour of theirs, was a good Latin scholar; it was arranged that I should study under him. His anger with his wife and anxiety that his name should not be smirched now seemed not merely trivial but even amusing. Not if it screws up what we're doing... what we should be doing right now, instead of talking about my love life. She said her only consolation was the fact that the princess allowed her to share her sorrow, that all the old misunderstandings should sink into nothing but this great grief; that she felt herself blameless in regard to everyone, and that he, from above, saw her affection and gratitude. But don't you think you should tell Russ? Why should they eat their sixty acres, when man is condemned to eat only his peck of dirt? I too should wish nothing but to relive it all from the beginning.