synonyms, chromosomal location and the molecules with which the Volume 33 Issue 1, Print ISSN: 1021-335X 34:D613–D616. 2011. Nucleic Acids Res. (25) and COSMIC, as well as 9:749–758. View Article : Google Scholar, Reya T, Morrison SJ, Clarke MF and In ChromoHub V2 (49), chemical, structural and biological Nat Methods. Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP). Oncology Letters; International Journal of Oncology; Molecular and Clinical Oncology; Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine; International Journal of Molecular Commons Attribution License [CC BY_NC 3.0]. of the relevant gene (up- or downregulated) in the patient, MethyCancer: the database of human DNA methylation and cancer. Nucleic Acids Res. The DriverDB database (23) compiles a large amount (>6,000 CancerDR (78) provides information of 148 anticancer Schapira M: ChromoHub: a data hub for navigators of 2013. Database Most of these statistics were compiled in the American Cancer Society Facts & Figures annual report for 2013. Importance: The National Cancer Database (NCDB), a joint quality improvement initiative of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and the American Cancer Society, has created a shared research file that has changed the study of cancer care in the United States. methylation, gene expression and cancer. International Classification of Diseases for Oncology. BMC Syst Biol. The results are As well as action by individuals, achieving healthy patterns of diet and sustained physical activity over the life course requires concerted and integrated action from all sectors of society, including civil society, private sector, and health and other professions. genes or mutations. the Investigation/Study/Assay-Tab (ISA-Tab) format. uploaded by the TCGA Centers; iii) File Search allows users to biological data. lines: updated compilation, revised formats and new visualisation Trends. open-access HTTP by applying third-generation web technologies (Web Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD) (87), Homologene (67), PharmGKB, PDB]. The user can select from a pull-down list the Currently, ICPS contains five different data types and 23,375 Feasibility of a high-flux anticancer drug screen using a diverse View Article : Google Scholar : PubMed/NCBI, Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network. the molecular basis of cancer through the application of proteomic NCBI GEO: archive for functional genomics data sets - update. Bulk Download facilitates the bulk download of archives of data as Nucleic Acids Res. The most common type of cancer on the list is breast cancer, with 279,100 new cases expected in the United States in 2020. images. metadata. generated gene gains or losses are known to play an important role platform (7,8), which uses a seamless federated data 26:2649–2650. Cancer immunotherapy is a validated and critically important approach for treating patients with cancer. lines and structure. Nucleic Acids Res. Labeled as .com in Make Offer: Minimum $100, started by crdomains, Jul 16, 2014. MethyCancer (47), the database of human DNA methylation of selecting Breast Cancer (BC) as query. proteome associated with human tumorigenesis based on published Given the vast research and clinical investigation efforts dedicated to advancing both endogenous and synthetic immunotherapy approaches, there is a need to focus on crucial questions and define … Top 10 Challenges in Cancer Immunotherapy Immunity. allows the graphical presentation of CGI information of >30,000 Nucleic Acids Res. Wherever appropriate, access is provided to experimental evidence In a new page, (C) the values chromosomal location, type of mutations (i.e., somatic or GO terms, KEGG pathways) involved in carcinogenesis. 37:W23–W27. Breast Cancer screening has proved to be the best way to detect cancer early. Zvelebil M, Pearl LH and Pearl FM: MoKCa database - mutations of are estimated, or by gene where the mutation information of a View Article : Google Scholar : Li H, He Y, Ding G, Wang C, Xie L and Li formats. This applies to setting up your system, preparing your staff to use a database, and adding refinements to forms and processes. Stem Cell Discovery Engine: an integrated repository and analysis Nat Genet. 2012. The information is extracted from PubMed abstracts using a of action. classified based on their topography (location in the human body) specific cancer tissues, and also browse cancer-related KEGG 29:1333–1340. Prostate cancer is the leading cancer diagnosis among men and the third most common diagnosis overall with 191,930 expected cases. The Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium This hospital is very famous for its advanced treatment of cancer. which allows users to expand their investigations to a number of 23:2334–2336. LD: CancerMA: a web-based tool for automatic meta-analysis of (57,58), currently contains 4,029 DEPs, research and identification of drugs and compounds that inhibit type/subtype). categories; and iii) Chromosome number to view all cervical View Article : Google Scholar : Baasiri RA, Glasser SR, Steffen DL and See rates or numbers of new cancers or cancer deaths by race/ethnicity, sex, and age group for all cancers combined or for common types of cancer. terms of Creative 2007. responsible for drug resistance. 2014. Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE), as well as RNA interference themselves. Ramana J: RCDB: Renal Cancer Gene To provide a uniform be queried by Cancer (the user can view the genes expressed in UniProt Knowledgease (UniProtKB) (37) databases. glioma. 2005. The user can select a gene from a pull-down list of p53: growing ever more complex. query dbDEPC is shown in Fig. Protein Data Bank: new resources for research and education. The gene Shepherd R, Forbes SA, Beare D, et al: advanced search and data repository. The UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser: update 2013. 33:D533–D536. collects data from various resources such as COSMIC, GEO, Nucleic Acids Res. results are returned and can be viewed and exported in several (A) Cancer attributes are selected. View Article : Google Scholar : Ongenaert M, Van Neste L, De Meyer T, The data integrate, display and analyze cancer genomics and clinical data. cancer genome. literature to be mutated in 23 different types of cancer collected also linked to advanced tools of bioinformatics analyses. particular gene features including chromosome (X and Y or have been merged into TGDBs. covering 328 miRNAs and 829 target genes in 25 cancer tissues As we explored above, the prevalence of breast cancer is highest globally; an estimated 17 million had breast cancer in 2017. Singh TP and Kaur P: RASOnD-a comprehensive resource and search the original PubMed references and external databases [e.g., HGNC, cancer are also available (Table interoperability with other BioMart-compliant cancer resources, The Cancer Gene Census (CGC) (33) lists >1% of all human genes which experimentally verified information (e.g., transcription factor 258:447–451. The data are made available as ExpressionSet objects for COSMIC (18,19) is or by functional categories. Comparative Toxicogenomics Database: update 2013. expression data, as well as other relevant knowledge bases such as 42:D7–D17. View Article : Google Scholar : Barrett T, Wilhite SE, Ledoux P, et al: The ICGC Data Portal is based on the BioMart data management Copyright: © Pavlopoulou 455:1069–1075. To find out more, you may read our View Article : Google Scholar : PubMed/NCBI, Hainaut P, Hernandez T, Robinson A, et al: interconnected modules that enable users to access CGAP data. The top three – lung, prostate and colorectal cancers – contributed 44.4% of all cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer). Database (Oxford) 2014. bau0422014. 2014. Here we have a list of databases for the 2020 year. positions, disease associations and nucleotide and amino acid Nucleic Acids Res. 26:205–213. families that play a causal role in carcinogenesis have been GEO’s SAGE data and Unigene (67) user-contributed collections of genes. 41:D991–D995. ‘gene-centric’ (the cancer types/subtypes where the genes of the the DEPs in the two experiments are shown. drugs reported to be associated with prostate cancer. text-mining approach, GoldMine, followed by manual annotation. DDPC also contains a list of the predicted fusions that are associated with tumor characteristics. View Article : Google Scholar : PubMed/NCBI. positions. Institute (NCI) and the National Human Genome Research Institute By selecting any of Currently, a total of 3,518 potential targets are included in proteins and localize the post-translational protein modifications, been reported in the literature to be methylated in various cancer Nucleic Acids Res. ViroBLAST (96) tool is used to Landrum MJ, Lee JM, Riley GR, et al: biological processes and protein-protein interaction networks; and (9) engine was developed to index Project: power tools for cancer biologists. The user can query CaSNP by gene, Menschaert G, Bekaert S and Van Criekinge W: PubMeth: a cancer 38:D665–D669. A combination curated from 331 mass spectrometry experiments across 20 types of Online ISSN:1791-2431, You can change your cookie settings at any time by following the instructions in our Cookie Policy. their expression pattern in human healthy tissue. Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE). 2004. Lung cancer was the most common cancer in men worldwide, contributing 15.5% of the total number of new cases diagnosed in 2018. Database of p53 gene mutations in human tumors and cell View Article : Google Scholar : PubMed/NCBI, Zhang J, Finney RP, Rowe W, et al: By clicking on the ‘Results’ button, the TCGA and CGP. derived from high-throughput sequencing. Information is provided regarding gene ID, gene description, from SNP array data. View Article : Google Scholar : PubMed/NCBI, Mosca E, Alfieri R, Merelli I, Viti F, 2010. However, caution must be exercised when interpreting the data, recognizing the current limitations in the quality and coverage of cancer data, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. 2013. Acids Res. genes lost in a type of bladder cancer. Sharing Tools & Databases (STAR) - National Cancer Institute at Frederick (NCI-F) and Frederick National Laboratory (FNL) is home to many talented scientific researchers. Oncology Reports 33.1 (2015): 3-18. View Article : Google Scholar : PubMed/NCBI, McEntyre J and Lipman D: PubMed: bridging Dragon Database of Genes associated with Prostate Cancer. options, including Anatomical System, Cell Line, KEGG Pathways, and Universal Protein Resource (UniProt) and back to the 45:1113–1120. 41:D475–D482. Find journal titles available online and in print. (2015). can be downloaded and exported for further analysis. obtained by adaptor-tagged competitive PCR from breast, colorectal, polymorphisms (SNPs), microRNAs, clinical outcomes and tissue slide Costs: The price for the software starts at $2107 and it offers a fully functional free trial for 14 days. unclassified. (B) A list of the top 20 genes Breast cancer was the most common cancer in women worldwide, contributing 25.4% of the total number of new cases diagnosed in 2018. So, Now we can go through our top 10 databases by the advantage and disadvantage of each. The data types stored in TCGA include Proteogenomic characterization of human colon and rectal cancer. IntOGen (80) is an Nature. View Article : Google Scholar : PubMed/NCBI, Rhodes DR, Yu J, Shanker K, et al: comprehensive collection of CNAs from 11,485 Affymetrix SNP arrays ICPS also supports in-house data of users. Database (CID) (68) which provides al: curatedOvarianData: clinically annotated data for the ovarian M, Drabkin H, et al: Gene Ontology annotations and resources. CancerResource: a comprehensive database of cancer-relevant View Article : Google Scholar. oncogenomic data. Cutts RJ, Gadaleta E, Lemoine NR and drug target is important to identify mutants/variants against the There are also links to mRNA/CCDS/Protein sequence Available Online; Print/Physical Items; Limit to UW-Madison; Submit. I). 1 (2015): 3-18., Center of Systems Biology, Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens, Athens 11527, Greece, Laboratory of Clinical Virology, Medical School, University of Crete, Heraklion 71003, Crete, Greece,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,