He is good friends with Michelangelo despite not usually getting his sense of humor, and wields a pair of sickles in battle. His avatar is the, Joi Reynard – A female Japanese human who is one of the Acolytes of the Ninja Tribunal, and the only female student amongst the Turtles and her fellow humans. Following the defeat of Sh'Okanabo, Viral possessed Serling and followed the Turtles back to the present. . Red X 8. He typically leads the Mob goons in the field in the absence of his boss, but typically refrains from the physical work due to his skittish nature. Fire Mystic – He can create large flames and fireballs that packs a burning touch and explosive power. Due to being produced by Kanabo genetics technology, they are physically larger than their templates and possess other different traits such as being the colors of their counterparts' bandannas. A team of five teenaged superheroes save the world from many villains around their city while experiencing things normal teens face today. Animated cartoon series based on Marv Wolfman and George Pérez's original THE NEW TEEN TITANS series in 1982. Due to his artificial nature, Metal Head hasn't aged in a decade and is even a member of the Justice Force's second incarnation. They didn't appear often in the series, debuting during the "City at War" arc and later returning to join the battle against the Tengu Shredder. They were allied with Baxter Stockman for a brief time, but he later ended up as a slave of the Foot through unknown means. Inuwashi Gunjin – A group of four winged warriors who are controlled by Darius Dun. The "Ninja Tribunal" was originally intended to be the fifth and final season of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, but the schedule was changed to try to increase interest in the series and "Fast Forward" became the fifth season. It is a loose continuation of 2002's Spider-Man film directed by Sam Raimi. In "Membership Drive", Raptarr joins the second incarnation of the Justice Force. The Ancient One was a very short, fat Japanese man with a healthy appetite, a tendency to be insulting, and persistent loud flatulence. The 2009 TV movie Turtles Forever serves as the finale to the 2003 series and centers around the Turtles encountering their 1987 animated counterparts, who have accidentally been transported to the 2003 Turtles' reality. Metal Mystic – Controls metal can form blades that can stab or tear enemies asunder. Created by Genndy Tartakovsky ( Dexter's Laboratory ), Samurai Jack is a fun, action-heavy animated series that appeals to kids and adults alike. Stainless Steel Steve – The founding member of the original Justice Force. The series has been released to home video, but the complete series has yet to been released. Viral's attempt to gain the data of Shredder causes her to merge with the data of the Utrom Shredder resulting in the creation of the Cyber Shredder. Arella 2. In this show, Doctor Dome was later revealed to have had a child named Ananda with Battling Bernice. Shipping and handling. Nezumi-Tengu – A group of minions in the Tengu Shredder's army. During a fight with Mechazoid, Green Mantle's cape was knocked off him and was founded by a comic book fan. Later he and his team join Traximus' rebel army, having been liberated by Traximus after Zanramon imprisoned them for their defeat. In "Membership Drive", parts of Nano were seen in the wreckage of a Triceraton ship which Baxter Stockman salvages for Bishop. In. Professor – The Professor is a homeless man who is a friend to the turtles. To make matters worse, the 80's Shredder and Krang as well as their minions Bebop and Rocksteady free Ch'rell from his imprisonment as Hun and Karai realign themselves with Ch'rell. Baxter Stockman placed a control microchip on one of the nanobots in order to control it. He has the same hairstyle as John. Starlee Hambrath – A young alien girl with blue hair and skin who works as an. The plot was supposed to resolve around the revelation that the Garbageman and Hun were born as, Mr. Touch and Mr. Go – Mr. Touch and Mr. Go are two assassins often hired by Hun who draw their special abilities from touching their fists together, in similar fashion to the. Later seasons have the Turtles contending with Agent John Bishop of the Earth Protection Force. Garbageman – A morbidly-obese man in a high-tech contraption that he gets around in. The two later appear to start a relationship, departing hand-in-hand at the end of "The Lost Episodes" and later attending April and Casey's wedding together. While attempting to do so on Earth, he ran into a surprising obstacle: the light of Earth's sun proved toxic to Kanabo kind. Unlike the 1987 TV series, the 2003 series more closely matches the tone of the original comics, with a greater emphasis on action and themes of familial bonds. Dark Turtles – Evil clones of the Ninja Turtles created by Sh'Okanabo from the Ninja Turtles' stolen genetic templates and controlled by Darius Dun. 25 years later, Al Gordon is working as a, Murakami Gennosuke – Murakami Gennosuke is an. Fast Forward's main story would conclude in the seventh and final season, subtitled "Back to the Sewer", while sporting another redesign for the entire cast inspired by the designs from the 2007 TMNT film. Original Air Date 2001-2004. The story follows the death of Norman Osborn. The Triceratons – The Triceratons are a warring alien race whose home planet was destroyed, whose members have the appearance of a humanoid. Angel – Angel is teenage girl from Casey's neighborhood, who, together with her older brother Ryan, lives with her grandmother. The series was both acclaimed and commercially successful throughout its first five seasons, receiving wide critical praise for the faithfulness to the source material, the storytelling, character development, action, darker tone, humor, the theme song, background music, voice acting, animation and appeal to all ages. Spider-Man: The New Animated Series > Nézze meg a filmet online, vagy nézze meg a legjobb ingyenes 1080p HD videókat az asztalán, laptopján, notebookján, táblagépén, iPhone-on, iPad-en, Mac Pro-n és még sok máson Vang – Member of the Purple Dragons. Zog – A Triceraton that was stranded on Earth after being teleported there accidentally by the Utroms. Kon-Shisho – The Ninjitsu Master of Spirit, a man with light blue hair and magical energy. Both fail and are sent drifting through the universe for countless millenniums, causing their bodies to merge into one. Series will debut on Cartoon … Jammerhead – A cyborg who is the leader of the Street Phantoms. streaming Spider-Man: The New Animated Series? Foot Geneticists – Foot scientists who created the underground monsters and Shredder-Clones. He gained control of the Foot Clan following the Tengu Shredder's defeat, and attempted to rebuild the ninja clan by brainwashing new members such as Casey Jones. All four also appeared as guests at Casey and April's wedding, where they helped engage the forces of the Cyber Shredder. He is part of a race known as the Kanabo, who travel from world to world infecting other races and turning them into Kanabo Drones, mindless minions who join them in ravaging their worlds. The year 2003 in animation involved some animation-related events. Upon his defeat at the hands of the Turtles, Ch'rell is exiled to the ice asteroid Mor Gal Tal. Dragon Face has a tattoo of a dragon on his face. Dark Donatello – The Dark Turtles clone of Donatello, who possesses a tail and wields gauntlets as his weapons. The other one is articulated. Both of them rarely speak, and wear identical purple and black foot gi. In. Foot Mystics – The seldom-seen magic-using members of the Foot Clan. Free shipping for many products! He is a parody of. Later in the series when it appears that the Shredder is gone for good, Hun returns to leading the Purple Dragons as a separate criminal entity, only to return to the Shredder's side when he returns. Wind Mystic – The most agile and flexible of the Mystics. Spike #2 – A black bald member with a tattoo on his head. During the fourth season, Karai continues to lead the Foot Clan as a female Shredder, Hun turns the Purple Dragons ino a crime syndicate, and Baxter Stockman works for Agent John Bishop's group. At least one of them has demonstrated the ability to change size from a form smaller than the Turtles at adult height to a massive, muscular body on roughly the same scale as Hun. Zanramon – The Prime Leader of the Triceratons, who led the Republic down a path of corruption and dishonor. He promptly joined Traximus' Triceraton Rebellion alongside a number of other competitors, but didn't forget his defeat at Mikey's hands. Claw – A Purple Dragon member who has a claw on his hand. After returning to the present day, the Turtles must battle a cybernetic version of the Shredder which was the result of Viral merging with the data of the Utrom Shredder. Several of the characters introduced in the series would later appear in subsequent publications of the TMNT franchise. Scott Williams – Baxter Stockman, Military General, This page was last edited on 24 January 2021, at 13:36. The Federation – The Federation is an extraterrestrial military organization of humanoid appearance that the Turtles meet when they are in space. When the Turtles befriend Professor Honeycutt, the Federation seeks to destroy them for harboring him. Spuds – The leader of the Purple Dragons' Northampton branch. 5 Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (2003) Anytime the word "new" is in a title, fans start questioning the quality of what they're about to watch. Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Some of these zombie Utroms are fitted into giant, winged, mechanic-like exo-suits, and are known as Utrominators. The series was announced on May 7, 2002 and is co-produced by 4Kids Entertainment and franchise creators Mirage Studios,[1] which co-owned rights to the show,[2] with animation provided by the studio Dong Woo.[3]. Yoshi then slew his former friend. The show was made using computer generated imagery rendered in cel shading. His efforts were quickly detected by the Daimyo, who apparently could have thwarted him with relative ease had it not been for Kluh's father having the Daimyo's son held hostage. Unknowingly, he created a far more dangerous enemy, as Nobody turned vigilante in order to stop Ruffington's operations. Tomoe Ame – A female cat warrior whom Leonardo and Usagi fought alongside when Leonardo ended up in Usagi's world. In the future seen in "Same as It Never Was", they were mass-produced and included in the Future Shredder's forces, but one was modified into a combat mech by the resistance and piloted against the Shredder in the final battle by Donatello. Spike-Armed Shredder – A mutant with lobster like claws. Perhaps the harshest and least sympathetic of any of the masters, her best pupil was Donatello. Towards the end of the fourth season, the series undergoes a format change as the Turtles would be recruited by the Ninja Tribunal to use new mystic abilities to combat another version of the Shredder where this one is labled as the original Shredder before Ch'rell assumed his identity. 1' (Animation Sequence)", https://web.archive.org/web/20051207044849/http://www.pororo.net/en/, "25 Films Added to National Film Registry", https://www.loc.gov/programs/national-film-preservation-board/film-registry/complete-national-film-registry-listing/, "Experimental Filmmaker Stan Brakhage Has Passed Away", https://www.lambiek.net/artists/k/karabajic_branco.htm, https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Lionel-Wilson/, "Buddy Hackett, Irrepressible Clown of Stage, Screen and Nightclubs, Is Dead at 78", http://www.webofstories.com/gl/jules.engel, "Wah Ming Chang, 86; Special-Effects Master Worked on 'Time Machine, https://www.lambiek.net/artists/p/passingham_oliver.htm, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2003_in_animation&oldid=999686111, Articles with dead external links from August 2020, Articles with empty sections from April 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The first episode of the stop-motion version of, This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 12:23. Yoshi's superiority in all these fields led to Mashimi becoming violently jealous, and he murdered Tang Shen and joined the Foot Clan. With Lukas Haas, Charles Shaughnessy, Greg Ellis, David DeLuise. Created by Tab Murphy, Bob Tzudiker, Noni White. They have green and purple skin and yellow growths resembling either hair or horns. Hisomi-Shisho – The Ninjitsu Master of Stealth who is the largest of the group. Stuart Little is now an animated TV Series based on the original movie in which Stuart continues his life-long adventures. Doctor Dome – The founding member of the Justice Force. Lord Simultaneous – Lord Simultaneous is a Time Lord who is the Master of Time and Space. Like the Foot Clan, they have existed since shortly after the Utroms arrived on Earth, and share a uniform of black bodysuits and blue overcoats; previously they wore a blue sleeveless ninja gi. Dragon Face later turns on Hun. There is also a running subplot centered on the wedding of April and Casey. The Mob – An organized crime group who fought the Foot and Purple Dragons for control of the city. The match was interrupted by the battle between Drako and the Ultimate Ninja and the resulting tear in reality; Kluh was accidentally knocked out by Mikey after the crisis was resolved. Dark Raphael – The Dark Turtles clone of Raphael who fights with large spikes on his fists instead of sai. … The Fugitoid, having created a portal that would give either side a huge tactical advantage in their current battles, has become the prized object of the war. The story of Marcus Rover, who competes in Heavy Gear tournaments. The series premiered on February 8, 2003 as part of the Fox's FoxBox programming block (later known as 4Kids TV) and ended on March 27, 2010. He is the inventor of the Terrorpin (which is similar to the Ninja Turtles' Hovershell). The Wizard used his powers to lift the magical safety rules surrounding the Battle Nexus competition for Kluh and Mikey's rematch, which would have resulted in Mikey's death in the event of Kluh's victory. Created by David Slack, Bob Haney, Bruno Premiani. Lord Simultaneous later took on another apprentice named Renet, who proved to be somewhat of a scatterbrain. Free shipping for many products! Overview. The series originally aired in the US on Fox for its first six seasons from 2003 to 2009. 4Kids was known for its controversial history of censoring anime, but the series was acclaimed for trying to follow the dark and gritty tone of the original Mirage comics. One is from the animated series Batman. Dagger – A Purple Dragon member who carries many daggers. In later episodes she is a good friend and ally to the turtles. After the turtles save him and other homeless people from the garbageman he and the others decide to make the garbage island their new home. Spider-Man: The New Animated Series is an American animated series based on the Marvel comic book superhero character Spider-Man, which ran for one season, 13 episodes, starting on July 11, 2003. He once had an apprentice named Savanti Romero who tried to steal Lord Simultaneous' Time Scepter (which also has a mind of its own) and was banished to the 15th Century. He later left the Justice Force following a squabble with Stainless Steel Steve over the love of Battling Bernice. They must also contend with futurist enemies like Sh'Okanabo and his minion Viral as well as dealing with the activities of Cody's uncle Darius Dun. When Mikey showed no fear for facing him, Kluh grew into his usual, more muscular form, upon which Mikey became terrified. Peter faces the usu… [1] The series was renewed for a second season in the summer of 2003; the third in May 2004; the fourth in April 2005. A human character based on her also appeared in the Utrom simulation of feudal Japan, and was defended from Foot Ninja by the Turtles. In May 2002, 4Kids Entertainment announced to produce a new animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series for the FoxBox programming block to air on Saturday mornings. Spider-Man - Animated - Series 3 Released in 1994 by Toy Biz (Goblin Glider Attack with Missile Firing Action) The maniacal Green Goblin has but two goals in life: to unite the gangs of the underworld into a single, massive army under his command, and the utt . Spider-Man: The New Animated Series film magyar felirattal ingyen. Dark Leo wears a pair of strange swords as opposed to katana and appears to have only one organic eye. It also garnered high ratings for a 4Kids Saturday morning cartoon and shortly after the premiere became the highest-rated and most popular children's television show in the US. They later returned in force to apprehend Ch'rell, whom they banished to an ice asteroid. Joey Lastic – The founding member of the original Justice Force that has elastic powers. Amazonian Blade Bots/Karai Legion – Robots created by Dr. Chaplin and modeled after Karai; a trio of them engaged the Turtles aboard a fallen Triceraton warship, but one was destroyed by the Turtles while Baxter Stockman sabotaged the others covertly. Hun – Hun is the Shredder's muscle and original second-in-command (prior to being replaced with Karai), a massive human with incredible strength, and leader of the Purple Dragons. Season five would be the last to use the original character designs and animation style with its plot concluding the series' main storyline. When Ch'rell, the Utrom Shredder posing as businessman Oroku Saki, was thought to have perished, he led the Mob in an effort to claim control of organized crime in New York. She was killed in action and was revealed to have had a child named Ananda with Doctor Dome. Zippy Lad was later seen in "Membership Drive" training the Justice Force's new recruits. He was killed by the Shredder for the group's failure to steal an armored car with money. After Cody's parents died, his uncle Darius Dun took over O'Neil Tech as the CEO, but Cody later took over after learning of his uncle's underworld connections. The rematch was then set up in the Battle Nexus, and Ammag resorted to an attempted kidnapping of the Daimyo's young son in order to force him to allow their modifications to the match, which was intended to end in Mikey's demise. One time he even met Professor Honeycutt who was also referred to as Professor. Dragon Face – The acting leader of the Purple Dragons who works under Hun. Although the show was generally well-received, it was cancelled after only one season. Spike – A red spiky-haired member of the Purple Dragons. Featuring the voices of Keanu Reeves (The Devil's Advocate, Speed) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Chocolat, Memento). He can conjure powerful wind currents such as tornadoes and can dodge many attacks and is shown to run faster than other beings. Turtles co-creator Peter Laird and Mirage CEO Gary Richardson approved their pitch, and Mirage remained very close during development, with Laird reading every outline and draft of the script, and approving most of the character designs.[4]. Once he heard 4Kids had an interest in the franchise, Goldfine suggested going straight to Mirage for guidance, and then he and other company representatives went to the company's headquarters in Northampton, Massachusetts. John – John was the acting leader of the Purple Dragons during the group's first encounter with the Turtles. Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, List of animated television series of 2003, El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer), "The 75th Academy Awards (2003) Nominees and Winners", "Miyazaki breaks his silent protest of America", "NOGGIN Reinvents Itself – It's Like Preschool on TV! He is also capable of creating walls of ice as well as freezing. Mutant Shredder Clones – Three mutants who dress in Shredder style armor. Commander Mozar – A Triceraton with an eyepatch over his left eye and a robotic hand who is the leading soldiers of the Triceraton Army. Jammerhead clashed with the Turtles on multiple occasions, using his cybernetics in efforts to frame or defeat them. However, the Professor succeeded in crippling their fleet with a virus, and the Triceratons' acts in helping them led to a peace between the two groups. Boss Zukko – A Triceraton who is the leader of a gang of Triceraton Rebels in "Fast Forward" and a recurring associate/enemy of Torbin Zixx. Lord Simultaneous then revives Ultimate Ninja into a child so that the Daimyo can raise his son once again. He is somewhat similar to, Raptarr – Raptarr is an Avian (a race of angel-like creatures with bird feet that were created by the Y'Lyntians from human slaves) who met the Turtles when it came to stopping the rogue Avian Mephos. With David Kaufman, Myles Jeffrey, Jennifer Hale, André Sogliuzzo. Chrysalis – Member of the second incarnation of the Justice Force who comes from, Tsunami – An aquakinetic Japanese superhero who is a member of the second incarnation of the Justice Force. He planned to make his own kingdom out of different junk which his plans always being thwarted by the Ninja Turtles. Unlike his brother's, whose skin color match or are at least similar to the masks of their counterparts, Dark Michelangelo's skin color is Yellow and does have an torn orange sash around his waist. Drako's Soldiers – A group of warriors employed by Drako and the Ultimate Ninja in their plots. The voice director for the series was Susan Blu (seasons 1–5) and Roy Burdine (Fast Forward and Back to the Sewer), while the ADR voice director was Darren Dunstan. Water Mystic – He can make waves of water and choking giant bubbles that submerges someone and drown them. This later led to a rematch between the pair in the Battle Nexus, in which the Levram attempted to ensure that Mikey's defeat would result in his demise. She was later exposed by Commander Mozar and presumably imprisoned by the Federation. The Batman Adventures was created to tie-in with the Batman: The Animated Series.As the animated series changed with each successive re-branding and relaunch, so too did The Batman Adventures.It was originally conceived as a miniseries, but eventually got its status as tie-in. Mohawk – A member of the Purple Dragons that sports a tall pink mohawk. However, Ammag had little to no regard for the rules of the Battle Nexus, and led his warriors in an attack on the Turtles in their home dimension before the Giyogi intervened. General Blanque – The head of the Federation military. Knowing that Yoshi's death would play an essential role in the demise of Oroku Saki, they refrained from aiding in the war with the Utrom Shredder Ch'rell. He later sided with Traximus to overthrow Zanramon after recognizing the Prime Leader's utter ruthlessness and lack of honor. Stars: Mike Judge, Dale Revo, Kristofor Brown, Tracy Grandstaff. Nano – Nano was originally a group of small robots with the mind of a 3 year old that were created by Dr. Marion Richards for the government. Traximus – A Triceraton warrior who befriended the Turtles during their visit to the Triceraton Homeworld, having been imprisoned as a gladiator after speaking out against corruption. Fixit Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Teljes Film ~ Magyarul. Meanwhile Harry craves revenge on Spider-Man, whom he blames for the death of his father. Elite Foot Ninjas – The seemingly most-skilled members of the Foot Clan who serve as Shredder's personal guard and field commanders on specific missions. Foot Mechs – The robot soldiers of the Foot Clan that were created by Baxter Stockman. Ruffington – The head of Ruffington Arms who was an ally of the Purple Dragons and a top government weapon supplier. Teaser for Stuart Little - The Animated Series (2003) captured from the Stuart Little 2 (2002) VHS tape. He takes his orders from the Council of Three, and while disguised as a human acted as head of TCRI. Silver Sentry – The leader of the second incarnation of the Justice Force who would occasionally be partnered with Michelangelo. The series migrated to The CW4Kids in its final season after 4Kids's contract with Fox ended. Spider-Man: The New Animated Series is an American-Canadian animated television series based on the Marvel comic book superhero character Spider-Man, and is a loose continuation of Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man film. … Gruell – A Triceraton that was the Tri-Sports Arena Master. His name is "Utrom" spelled backwards, and while posing as a businessman he was known as "Merciless Mortu". A young man with spider like abilities fights crime as a superhero in New York City while trying to have a normal personal life. Cody Jones – In the "Fast Forward" series, Cody Jones was the great grandson of April O'Neil and Casey Jones. Angel then asks the Turtle to help find her brother in an abandoned museum after being capture by a legion of undead warriors. He is ultimately defeated by the Turtles after his "Day of Awakening" failed and he is killed after being weakened exposure to the sun and swallowing a solar grenade. BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES Action Figure 2003 BLACK & GOLD CYBER UNIFORM DC COMICS.