Selbstportrait mit Zigarette [VALIE EXPORT - SMART EXPORT. Contact for price. Skip to end of content. Valie Export was born in 1940. Feb 7–Apr 3, 1999. The pairing of Lassnig’s angst-ridden figurative paintings, especially full-length, non-idealistic portraits of women, often in the nude, and EXPORT’s work is astute. Valie Export. See more ideas about export, performance art, feminist art. One of the most subtly arresting works on view in “VALIE EXPORT: Research-Archive-Oeuvre” is Body Sign Action (1970), a photograph that shows a tattoo on EXPORT’s upper thigh, of a garter clasp holding up the seam of a stocking. Today, VALIE EXPORT continues to create work that provocatively challenges the unfortunate, yet still prevailing masochistic attitudes towards women in the media, and are still present in today’s society. 1 URL / Share. Sotheby’s is auctioning a group of works by Austrian conceptual artist Valie Export. A pioneer in film, video and installation art, with a career spanning five decades, VALIE EXPORT has produced one of the most significant bodies of feminist art in the post-war period. Follow artnet News on Facebook: … “Valie Export: The 1980 Venice Biennale Works” is on view at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London, through January 25. • Valie Export: The 1980 Venice Biennale Works, is at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London, until 25 January. Main image: VALIE EXPORT, Einkreisung (Encirclement), 1976, b/w silver gelatine print on baryta paper laid on chip board, 79 × 130 cm. Valie Export «Body Sign Action» The tattooing of the body demonstrates the connection between ritual and civilization. KÖRPER-NATUR-VERBINDUNG, 1974, 1974. Topics. Valie Export (often written as 'VALIE EXPORT') (born May 17, 1940 in Linz as Waltraud Lehner, later Waltraud Höllinger) is an Austrian artist. View all works. Her artistic work includes video installations, body performances, expanded cinema, computer animations, photography, sculptures and publications covering contemporary arts. Incorporated in a tattoo, the garter belt signifies a former enslavement, is a garment symbolizing repressed sexuality, an attribute of our non-self-determined womanhood. Moving away from a feminist Actionism, VALIE EXPORT developed a shape-shifting body of work, often conceptual, whose militant nature would soften in her later work. more information >> VALIE EXPORT Center Linz Schriften Vol. Through a film series called Expanded Cinema Works , she offers a radical approach to the role of women in film history. VALIE EXPORT is an Austrian-based artist.Her work since 1968 comprises video environments, digital photography, installations, body performances, feature films, experimental films, documentaries, expanded cinema, conceptual photography, body-material interactions, persona performances, laser installations, objects, sculptures, texts on contemporary art history and feminism. Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac has announced its first London exhibition of VALIE EXPORT, The 1980 Venice Biennale Works, opening at Ely House late November. VALIE EXPORT — 1980 VENICE BIENNALE WORKS; Past Lots VALIE EXPORT is considered to be one of the most important internationally renowned artists in conceptual media, performance and film art. Is Valie Export’s 1980 Venice Biennale Installation Still Radical Today? Valie Export, Erwartung (Expectation) (From Nachstellunghen) (1976). View of Valie Export’s Geburtenbett (Birth Bed), 1980, in the exhibition “The 1980 Venice Biennale Works,” 2019, at Thaddaeus Ropac. In honour of her 80th birthday, the LENTOS, whose holdings of works by VALIE EXPORT were substantially enlarged in 2015 when the museum purchased the artist’s pre-death estate, will present a selection of outstanding works. VALIE EXPORT is considered a pioneer of “expanded cinema”, conceptual photography, installation, performance, work with text and theory. Works by Valie Export: Rounding off Adjugated Dislocations I + II From the Underdog File Autohypnosis Images of Contact Body Sign Action Cutting The Birth Madonna Eros/ion Facing a Family Body Superimpositions with Historical Reproductions o.T. VALIE EXPORT is an artist, writer and filmmaker who re-mediated “actionism”, re-producing and fixing her performances as videos and films. Courtesy: the artist and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London/Paris/Salzburg; photograph: Ben Westoby VALIE EXPORT THE 1980 VENICE BIENNALE WORKS. She continues to have an ongoing influence on generations of up-and-coming artists with her feminist and media-critical works. Art Installation Austria Venice Biennale Exhibitions Women Sexuality Artists Hans Schwarz, Inge Morath and Kiki Kogelnik are of the same generation and same country as Valie Export. She entered a cinema wearing trousers with a triangle of fabric removed at the crotch and walked between the rows of seated viewers. VALIE EXPORT has been an influential and provocative figure on the international art scene for over three decades. Initially expanding the Viennese Actionist project to confront a complex feminist critique of the social and political body, her works achieve a compelling fusion of the visceral and the conceptual. Exhibition. Photo Ben Westoby. From VALIE EXPORT’s concept for the video-sculpture ZEIT und GEGENZEIT ( TIME and COUNTERTIME) (1973) To pay tribute to the importance and topical relevance of VALIE EXPORT’s art, the Belvedere and the LENTOS are holding extensive solo shows at two locations: Vienna, where the artist lives and works, and Linz where she was born. Galleries and Exhibitions. Artwork page for ‘Identity Transfer 1’, VALIE EXPORT, 1968, printed late 1990s on display at Tate Liverpool. Valie Export (B. (41.8 x 60.5cm.) She lives and works in both Vienna, Austria, and Cologne, Germany, where she teaches at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts. 3 Body Configurations : Claude Cahun, VALIE EXPORT, Ottonella Mocellin; 22 January 2020 | ARTnews . “It’s what she calls expanded cinema,” Ms. Breitwieser said. 1 The works by Valie Export include videos, photographs and two early films. Notable Works. Wer: Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London » My art was aggressive … aggression is provocation, and my viewers do not have to think like me, but they have to be provoked into forming their own opinions, their own reactions. Courtesy Sotheby’s. Multiple galleries around the world represent and exhibit Valie Export's work, including galleries in countries such as Austria, the United States, and Germany. Syntagma, 1983. VALIE EXPORT is a contemporary Austrian artist known for her photographs and radical performances that enter the public into a discourse regarding the female body and male gaze. View all. Artwork page for ‘Action Pants: Genital Panic’, VALIE EXPORT, 1969 This set of posters was produced to commemorate an action performed by VALIE EXPORT in Munich in 1968. Aus dem Geometrischen Skizzenbuch der Natur II, Handfigurationen, 1973 ... SMART EXPORT. One of them was VALIE EXPORT who quickly gained critical recognition for her groundbreaking performances, motion pictures and installations rooted in a well-articulated feminist agenda. Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT adopted her pseudonym in 1967 to reject the names of both her father and of her former husband and assume a sort of commercial brand identity. Body Works is an exhibition of conceptual and non-narrative pieces by five prominent contemporary artists that explores the vast meanings connected with the structure of the human body. Ever since her early self-portraits in the 1950s, Austrian feminist artist Valie Export has emerged as a pioneer in her field. Since 1968, she has taken part in numerous international exhibitions, including documenta 6 and 12 (1977 and 2007) and the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 1980.