EF-Scale:  EF1 Time: 12:50am - 12:51am EST Path length:  0.7 mile July 22, 1973 Path length:  3.3 miles June 3, 1996 US Dept of Commerce SPC lists a path length of 19 miles, NCDC 18 miles, Grazulis 21 miles. Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F1, Grazulis calls it an F2. Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path width of 17 yards, NCDC and Storm Data say 50 yards. Path length:  5 miles Counties:  Crawford, Harrison IN EF-scale:  EF2 Narrative:  A tornado touched down west of present-day University of Louisville and moved to the north-northeast across eastern sections of the city. chicken coop also sustained damage at the end of Silas Miller Road, The end of the path was surveyed east at Hwy 259 where another metal, structure was damaged and several trees where downed. EF-Scale:  EF1 Counties:  Ohio Time:  9:42am CST Time:  11:20pm EDT to 11:26pm EDT Path width: Deaths:  0 January 30, 2013 Deaths:  0 The funnel passed near Stamping Ground and lifted near Sadieville. A barn "exploded", killing thirty chickens. Deaths:  2 Notes:  A strong thunderstorm passed through Georgetown in the pre-dawn hours. Counties:  Warren The Millers saw the vortex recede upward into the main cloud. This time disagreement may have something to do with the tornado being near a time zone boundary. March 2, 2012 Time:  6:20pm Roofs were torn off at Ak-Sar-Ben Park. Deaths: The twister may have lifted briefly as it crossed Shelbyville Road very near Eight Mile House (which was unaffected). June 18, 1992 At least five small homes were destroyed. Path width:  100 yards July 20, 2018 Trees three feet in diameter were twisted off eight feet above the ground. Time: The mother was blown 400 yards, and her two daughters "with arms interlocked" were blown 50 yards. Counties:  Breckinridge A very well-built family residence took a direct hit from the EF2 tornado, with the front side of the home having the plywood exposed and with most of the shingles gone but the rest of the house fully intact due to the house having all the proper clips and braces with rebar. April 4, 2011 Path width: EF-Scale:  EF1 One farmer witnessed a "funnel shaped cloud accompanied by a roar" like a truck at Silver Creek. Deaths: Narrative:  Moved east from ten miles west of Harrodsburg. Notes:  Storm Data puts this tornado at Campbellsburg. LaRue County is also included for this tornado at the NCDC website. Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from two miles west of Radcliff to Radcliff. Injuries:  0 It is important to remember that the Grazulis publications list only those tornadoes that were of at least F2 strength or resulted in at least one fatality. Grazulis narrative:  Skipped from Guthrie to Keysburg and Schochoh. Injuries:  0 The damaged residences of O. C. Landrum and Oscar Sims marked the edges of the devastation. Most of the house damage was caused by falling trees. After causing comparatively little damage in Houston Acres, the tornado strengthened again and grew to a width of about three blocks. Notes:  This tornado touched down along Old Greensburg Road just west of the intersection of US 68 and KY 323, where it immediately destroyed small outbuildings. Path width: Path length: The tornado dropped small branches and leaves along its path as it continued northeast. Injuries occurred when three trailers were destroyed. Time:  11:32pm CST to 11:43pm CST Path width:  50 yards The tornado then proceeded into Rockcastle County, doing additional damage at Wildie. Counties: Simpson Notes:  Six homes damaged in Utica. It then struck Meadowside Apartments and Cody Lane. Path length:  1/10 mile EF-Scale:  EF-0 Deaths:   0 F-scale:  F4 Path width:  125 yards Barns and outbuildings were destroyed. SPC and NCDC give only a touchdown point (which agrees with Grazulis' touchdown point), but no lift-off point. Counties:  Harrison IN Deaths:  2 F-scale:  F1 Noted discrepancies:  None Path length: Counties:  Warren It did minor roof damage to two homes, tossed a trampoline into a neighboring home, causing siding damage, and pushed a large travel trailer onto a minivan, heavily damaging both. Time:  6:00pm Counties:  Anderson EF-Scale:  EF1 Path length: East of I-71 the tornado damaged outbuildings and snapped trees. The width of the individual circulations varied between 75 and 125 yards with widespread straight line wind damage all around. Path width:  400 yards Two occupants of the mobile home were injured. Injuries: Injuries: Time:  2:05am The tornado then continued east damaging trees, homes and small outbuildings just north of Silver City-Huntsville Road. One home was unroofed, at the corner of North Church Street and West Haysville Road. Deaths:  0 Time:  4:02pm F-scale:  F2 Path length:  0.4 mile Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a time of 2:00pm, NCDC 1:00pm, Storm Data 3:00pm. Injuries:  8 The tornado continued to cause tree damage as it moved east of 14th Street into a more rural area. A door was opened by gusts of wind just moments prior to the tornado, and this may have been one factor in the destruction of the church as powerful tornado winds battered the outside of the building and also were allowed to sweep into the interior of the building. F-scale:  F3 F-scale:  F0 Time:  4:45pm Will plot according to the lat/lon for now. A six room brick veneer home was completely destroyed, as were several large trailers. Injuries:  30 The tornado quickly lifted 4 miles east of Huntsville. Time: 3:54pm - 4:12pm CST Noted discrepancies:  Grazulis takes this tornado into Hardin County, though he says the damage ended at Big Clifty, which is in Grayson County about two miles from the Hardin County line. There were 28 deaths in the Brandenburg area. Injuries: The Old Brandenburg Telephone Company Office had roof damage. Path width:  100 yards Path length:  15 miles May 18, 1995 July 28, 1972 April 3, 1974 Path width: Between them was a treeless and fenceless waste, with scattered remnants of homes and uprooted trees. February 6, 2008 Narrative:  Homes of all sizes were destroyed near New Castle. The family dog was found alive under piles of rubble. On Christmas Tree Road a 30 x 30 barn had significant damage south of the main tree damage. Witnesses describe this as a very narrow, skipping tornado. April 3, 2007 Path width:  50 yards All of the damage was consistent with, The National Weather Service would like to thank volunteer general, aviation pilots Mark Powers and Josh Kieffer for flying the damage, path in N16NA and Austin Lassell for aerial photography. Deaths:  0 April 11, 1972 The middle school experienced the worst damage. Deaths: Injuries: November 9, 2000 Deaths:  3 Path length:  0.2 mile This damage was consistent with EF-1 damage and 90 mph winds. Deaths:  0 Deaths: EF-Scale:  EF0 Path length: The metal sheeting was thrown in a northwesterly to northeasterly direction. At the corner of Maple Road and Galene Drive a significant portion of a large oak tree split off and was thrust into a wall of Tully School. The tornado traveled east-northeast snapping trees and power poles on County Road 850, and did its most significant damage at the intersection of Jackson Road, State Highway 62, and Swan Road about 2 miles south of the town of Chelsea. May 14, 2014 January 17, 2012 Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado struck three miles northeast of Horse Cave, and then to Uno and Hardyville, crossing KY 541 about two miles west of US 31E. Path width: Injuries:  0 Path length: This was consistent with EF1 damage, 105 mph estimated winds, and a damage width of 75 yards. Notes:  This tornado began near the previous event, on the east side of the same trailer park, and ended at Charlestown Pike. Injuries: May 30, 2004 A large semi trailer and a few rides were blown sideways at a carnival at 10th & Watt streets. The old fruit cellar behind the house may have been weakened by rain water and the sudden pressure change. Deaths: At this location there was more tree and roof damage. EF-scale:  EF3 Counties:  Hardin Path width: Injuries: 1 Climate Graphs Grazulis narrative:  A tornado destroyed two trailers and a barn, just north of Jamestown. It is not listed in Storm Data. A couple of garage doors were dented in. Drone footage of corn near the barns showed multiple streaks of converging winds in an area approximately 100 yards in width. Injuries:  1 Side note:  Interestingly, in researching this event, we found two distinct paths of destruction across Louisville (see map). At 9407 Willowwood Way there was roof damage and many trees, both hardwood and softwood, were snapped and uprooted. Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path width of 40 yards, NCDC lists 123 yards, Storm Data says 125 yards. Path width:  100 yards Path length: Deaths:  Path length:  1.8 miles Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from west of Lawrenceburg to the edge of town. Injuries:  44 April 3, 1903 F-scale:  F1 Six frame homes were damaged. Time:  4:30pm Pictures confirm this. Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from northeast of Versailles. Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from 1.2 miles south of New Amsterdam into New Amsterdam. Deaths: Noted discrepancies:  Storm Data puts this tornado two and a half miles north of Fredericksburg. Many farm buildings were damaged, and one farm was almost completely blown away. Time:  10:30pm Counties:  Nelson Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from one mile southwest of Blowing Springs to one mile northwest of Blowing Springs. Path length:  1/2 mile Path width:  50 yards The result will be improved NWS warning services for the public, increased detection accuracy, and longer lead times. June 10, 1985 Time:  10:47pm Notes: The tornado touched down south of D&G Archery and snapped, twisted, and uprooted trees on rugged, rural countryside. Notes:  The tornado touched down in Caneyville and lifted a mile east of Caneyville, with wind speeds to 100 mph. Injuries: The Lexington Leader mentions the tornado north of the city but doesn't say anything about any damage. On Carter Brothers Road a large RV inside a metal shed was blown onto its side and the shed was destroyed. Near the end of the path there was roof damage to a one story house as well as downed power lines. Path width:  13 yards There are hundreds of small tornadoes that are not listed here simply because they have yet to be rediscovered, and that's if they were ever even reported in the first place. Time:  5:00pm Noted discrepancies:  None Injuries:  0 Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile...NCDC and Grazulis give nothing. Further south, areas of severe thunderstorms and heavy rain are possible from the southern Plains into the Ohio Valley. A freezer was reportedly carried half a mile from the home site. Injuries:  0 Storm Data lists this tornado in Mercer County, but it takes this storm from 4.3 miles southwest of Dugansville to 4 miles southwest of Dugansville near Tablow. Deaths: Counties:  Simpson Deaths:  4 Counties:  Adair Injuries: Noted discrepancies:  NCDC only includes LaRue County. SPC, Storm Data, and NCDC give a time of 9:25am, Grazulis give 8:15am. Notes:  An EF-0 tornado struck Bogard Lane about four miles southwest of Mount Washington at 11:51am. Many miles of forest were leveled, and small farm communities were wiped out. The storm then crossed Adair Rd, lifting somewhere in a wooded area west of a large pond near Beauchamp Lane, where residents witnessed its dissipation. May 17, 1999 Notes: This weak tornado skipped along mainly at treetop level near the Moutardier Recreation Area and 1/2 mile south of the Edmonson-Grayson county line. May need to re-visit this with SPC's lat/lons. On Castleman Road, just north of the intersection with Carter Brothers Road, a metal shop building had its metal sheet roof taken off and thrown downwind 150 yards. Counties:  Clinton Counties:  Jefferson KY County: Washington, IN The Exposition Building and its skating rink were damaged. Time:  1:30am CDT Special note:  Did Fujita's tornado #82 clip the southeast tip of Clinton County on April 3, 1974? At the intersection of Highway 1164 and 1544 at the Cedar Grove Church there was roof damage to the church and many trees were twisted and uprooted. F-scale:  F0 Path length:  0.9 mile Cannot find Michelsville on any map. Path length: Mrs. Carson's roof was carried across the street. Injuries: County:  Dubois County:  Hardin Numerous trees were uprooted and snapped in a convergent pattern. Noted discrepancies:  None F-scale:  F0 The tornado then lifted just east of Saint Croix Road. Several barns and outbuildings had roof damage as well. Time:  8:00pm Counties:  Washington KY Deaths: Time:  6:15pm It is most likely the following event. Debris from the barn and home were scattered in a narrow path through row crops up to a third of a mile to the northeast, where a resident witnessed large sheets of roofing and siding fall into a hay field on the north side of Lewellen Road. Injuries:  0 Noted discrepancies:  Grazulis and Storm Data list this tornado at 6:40pm...SPC and NCDC say 5:40pm. The tornado lifted at the Casey County line. Path length:  1/2 mile A dozen or so portions of two-by-fours were impaled into the ground in multiple directions. Notes:  The tornado uprooted and snapped several large trees and destroyed a small shed on Daisy Hill Road north of Borden. The tornado dissipated halfway between the intersection of KY 585 and Shores Road and the intersection of Shirk Road and Grider Drive. It is then validated against how it performs on data from 2017–2018. Time:  5:40pm Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down near Botland on Manton Road at the Carol Ballard Farm. Path length:  9 miles The tornado then damaged an outbuilding and numerous trees as it headed east toward the intersection of Double Or Nothing Road and Radio Tower Road. April 16, 1998 Notes:  Moved east from east of Hiseville to Savoyard and Sulphur Well. Black and white without county lines One person was killed in Simpson County at Temperance as seven homes and 40 barns were destroyed. Time:  12:38am EST to 12:42am EST Path length: The exact end point of the tornado was difficult to determine as it went into a thickly wooded area with limited access. Path length:  1.6 miles NSSL's phased array radar produces high-resolution data that can be used to spot developing tornadoes. Path width:  50 yards Deaths: 0 Homes were swept away in many communities, including Keytown, Angle, Oak Grove, and Liberty. F-scale:  F4 Time:  12:45pm Path width: Path length:  2 miles Injuries:  0 There were at least 20 injuries, one critical. Numerous trees were felled and several outbuildings were damaged. Counties:  Logan, Warren, Allen, Barren Injuries: Counties:  Clark, IN Jefferson County locations that were struck by the tornado or its parent thunderstorm included Orell, Greenwood Station, Kerrick Station, Blanton Station, Saint Helens, South park, Iroquois Park, and Senning's Park. Path length: Notes:  This tornado touched down at Churchill Downs with EF-1 strength and wind speeds of up to 105 mph. Noted discrepancies:  None Across the street the tornado did extensive roof damage to a family house and barn. About a hundred homes were unroofed or damaged. Deaths: The same tornado once again touched down on the east side of main street at the State Farm Insurance agency and Citizens Union Bank. Noted discrepancies:  None. Injuries:  0 At least one barn was destroyed. Deaths: F-scale:  F0 Path length:  2 1/2 miles Deaths:  The end lat/lon in the first NCDC Scott County entry is the same as the begin lat/lon in the second Scott County entry. May 31, 2001 Deaths:   0 April 3, 1974 Injuries:  0 Notes:  A weak tornado touched down along Hancock Chapel Road Northeast, uprooting several trees in a cyclonic fashion. Path width: July 26, 1984 SPC gives a path width of 10 yards...NCDC 30 yards...Grazulis and Storm Data 100 yards. Deaths: EF-Scale:  EF0 County:  Scott, IN Deaths:  0 F-scale:  F1 Path width:  100 yards F-scale:  F3 A 20x30 barn was also destroyed, and a third small barn along the path was damaged. F-scale:  F2 Insulation from the roof was thrown eastward and also rotated back and covered the back of the house. Counties:  Harrison, IN Deaths:  0 Time:  6:50pm 1-Stop Drought Continuing to the east-southeast, the tornado downed numerous trees in a cyclonic pattern on both sides of Spencer-Hamilton Road south of Loretto. Notes: The tornado first touched down about 0.8 miles southwest of Stanford. Injuries: 100 June 12, 1989 Here it destroyed one large outbuilding and tore much of the roof off another in addition to destroying two small grain hoppers. Noted discrepancies:  SPC/NCDC lat/lon place this tornado in Mason County. October 6, 2014 Path length:  Here a 9-year-old boy was partially scalped and suffered a fractured skull. Injuries:  0 Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from half a mile south of Saint Catherine to one and a half miles northeast of Saint Catherine. May 22, 1989 F-scale:  F1 Injuries:  0 May 28, 1996 It damaged 3 to 4 barns and snapped numerous trees along its 1.1 mile path. Path width: County: Meade F-scale:  F0 April 27, 1971 SPC, Storm Data, and NCDC give a path width of 880 yards, Grazulis gives 800 yards. Notes:  Numerous pine and cedar trees were uprooted or snapped and a few outbuildings were damaged. Noted discrepancies:  This tornado is not included in the SPC database or at the NCDC website (despite listing 32 tornadoes elsewhere across the country that day), but is listed in Storm Data and Grazulis. Numerous barns and outbuildings were destroyed with their siding thrown 500 yards. Deaths:   0 Path length:  1.7 miles Notes:  Ten trees were uprooted, blown over, or snapped on either side of Route 66 north of Oriole. Time:  11:05pm This tornado moved east-northeast from near Buck Lodge, eight miles north of Gallatin. Path width:  250 yards Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile and a width of 10 yards...NCDC gives nothing for either. Injuries:  1 F-scale:  F1 Two mobile homes were destroyed. Injuries:  250 Time:  5:58pm - 5:59pm EDT Injuries:  0 Path width:  300 yards County:  Jefferson KY Counties:  Simpson The NTDA is currently being tested in NOAA’s Hazardous Weather Testbed on its performance and how NWS forecasters like the look and feel of the product. SPC gives one point, just northeast of KY 390 northwest of Bohon. It traveled along I-64 south of Georgetown. F-scale:  F2 Counties:  Clinton A home and a small outbuilding were damaged, and numerous trees were uprooted. Deaths:  0 April 11, 2008 F-scale:  F1 April 21, 1972 February 24, 2011 Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F1, Grazulis ranks it as an F2 (albeit "minimal"). Injuries:  0 Path width: EF-scale:  EF0 Path width: All 3 mobile home became airborne, with one traveling over 400 yards. Noted discrepancies:  Storm Data puts this tornado on Lincoln Park Road. Seven barns were blown down near Munfordville. Near the tornado's touchdown point the twister was followed by hail that greatly damaged fruit trees. Houses were unroofed at the intersection of Preston and Mechanic, a small brick slaughterhouse on Mechanic was demolished, and a two and a half story brick house on Mechanic was badly damaged. Path length: Notes: This very small, skipping tornado did its damage primarily on hilltops between Sparks Ferry Road and the intersection of IN 135 and Lewellen Road. Time: 1:44pm - 1:46pm EDT F-scale:  F1 Injuries:  7 April 12, 2019 F-scale:  EF1 Path length:  10 miles October 26, 2010 Counties:  Taylor Counties:  Fayette F-scale:  F2 The tornado traveled from Clark County, Indiana across extreme southeast Scott County and into far southern Jefferson County. June 26, 2013 F-scale:  F2 Time:  10:55pm Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from six miles west of Salvisa to one mile east of Ballard. Grazulis probably has the most correct path width. Plotted on Gaffney Road as close to the given lat/lon as possible. November 9, 2000 Injuries:  0 Time:  6:13pm - 6:17pm CDT Injuries: Spot Request Counties:  Jefferson IN Counties:  Hart Injuries: The single lat/lon SPC gives is indeed in Shelby County, but very close to the county line. Annual distribution of tornadoes, by month, Actual number of tornadoes each year since 1830, Color-coded by F-Scale without county lines, Color-coded by F-Scale with county lines and time zones, Color-coded by F-Scale without county lines with time zones, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Time:  6:04pm Storm Data says the tornado moved northeast and crossed I-65 three miles north of Scottsburg. June 2, 1990 Notes: Four grain bins were scattered over a quarter mile, with some debris thrown up to a half mile away. May 10, 1969 F-scale:  F0 Path width:  CoCoRaHS Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church was damaged. Time:  11:41pm - 11:45pm EST It touched down again near the intersection of Hammonville and Bacon Creek roads. The Anderson County courthouse lost some of its roof. Counties:  Nelson, Spencer Deaths:  2 Time:  4:50pm The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) supported more than 100 scientists, students and staff from around the world to collect weather measurements around and under thunderstorms that could produce tornadoes. County:  Bullitt Counties:  Hardin Using Storm Data information plus SPC's lift-off point work well for plotting this. Time:  6:15pm Path width: May 14, 1967 At that property, a pole barn was completely destroyed and thrown in different directions. The tornado moved northeast and produced major damage in Rosetta where it destroyed the Fountain of Faith Church. Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC give a path length of 21 miles...Grazulis give 18 miles. Many other buildings were damaged. Notes:  This tornado touched down 6 miles southeast of Columbia along Dale Morrison Road. Deaths:   0 Time:  12:52pm The tornado weakened to F1 strength as it moved into the Tates Creek Trailer Park on the Fayette County line. F-scale:  F1 Deaths:  0 The tornado crossed Tanner Road and lifted just west of downtown Hodgenville. F-scale:  F2 March 1, 1997 Time:  9:30pm Numerous outbuildings were damaged or destroyed. Path length:  2 miles The tornado quickly strengthened and caused quite a bit of damage in Saint Helens, just southwest of Shively. Injuries: Counties:  Orange It destroyed five barns on the east side of the road. EF-Scale:  EF1 Storm Data mentions that the tornado entered Jefferson County three miles east-northeast of New Washington and then crossed into Trimble County ending northeast of Bedford and mentions damage at Mount Pleasant as well. One of the outbuildings was fully packed, weighing several thousand pounds, and another larger outbuilding was pushed off its foundation. Injuries: Injuries:  1 Researchers are hoping to collect more high-resolution data on developing tornadoes both in QLCS's and supercells to look for clues in radar data that a tornado is forming. Deaths:  0 Injuries:  0 Grazulis lists this at 4:40pm. Counties:  Fayette Injuries:  11 Phased array radar has strong potential to aid the NWS in the forecast and warning decision process by providing new radar data more quickly. The homes had anchor bolts attached to steel plates and a concrete foundation. It was the worst disaster seen in Louisville up to that time. EF-Scale:  EF1 Wind speeds in the area were estimated at 170-175 mph (EF4) with a damage width of one-quarter mile. Miller farm. Counties:  Monroe, Cumberland (from Sumner, TN) The tornado moved through a rural area of poorly constructed homes, many owned by miners. Several barns were destroyed farther to the northeast. Path width: Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC give a path length of 13 miles, Storm Data and Grazulis give 14. County:  Shelby In southwest Jessamine County at the intersection of KY 1268 and US 68 seven horses were killed along with extensive barn and fence damage. Three single-wide mobile homes near the intersection of Joyce Mill Road and Highway 625 were destroyed along with tree damage and downed power lines and poles. The tornado was at its strongest right before it dissipated. Injuries: Injuries: Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list a path width of 17 yards, Grazulis lists 20 yards, Storm Data says 33 yards. April 20, 1958 A tied-down trailer was overturned. The end lat/lon given by NCDC for Shelby County is actually located in Henry County. Time:  7:57pm Path width:  125 yards Path width:  30 yards Deaths:  0 Path length:  1 mile The tornado also did moderate damage to barns and destroyed several outbuildings, and moved a 2700 pound motorboat 220 feet. April 22, 2005 Farm buildings on one farm, and a house on another farm, were destroyed. Path length:  18 miles (skipping) April 11, 2008 Time:  9:45pm Time:  3:40pm Time:  8:15pm May 14, 1995 Time:  3:17pm EDT - 3:27pm EDT One trailer roof was thrown 65 yards. The twister finally lifted near the end of Drowning Creek Road northeast of Waco. Injuries:  32 Injuries:  0 Path width:  50 yards Injuries:  0 As the tornado neared Stamping Ground, it narrowed to 1/4 mile wide, and then lifted just northeast of town. Injuries:  0 Though the tornado missed central Winchester, the city was pummeled by hail up to 4" in diameter (grapefruit sized) that damaged roofs, ripped car tops, and covered the ground like snow. Deaths: November 18, 2017 Near Rich Hill, one family of seven was killed. Lat/lon pair given by SPC disagrees with this storm striking Perryville. Further to the northeast it destroyed another barn and damaged the roof of a house. Counties:  Jefferson KY, Oldham Time:  7:30pm Noted discrepancies:  NWS lists this as an F2, Grazulis does not list it. Deaths: Greensburg's industrial park suffered the worst damage when a brick building suffered exterior and interior damage. Deaths: NSSL researchers are looking for ways to detect non-supercell tornadoes more effectively. F-scale:  F0 Notes:  Several trees were uprooted along West CR 390S. Themed History Weekends at Coney Island History Project c/o Deno's Wonder Wheel Park 3059 West 12th Street Brooklyn, NY 11224 info@coneyislandhistory.org (347) 702-8553 Noted discrepancies:  Only Hopkins County is listed at NCDC. This vortex intensified and merged with the primary circulation. These models are unique because they will use the latest weather observations and radar scans to continuously re-compute forecasts. Notes:  Storm Data mentions damage on KY 1590 half a mile west of Albany. There was extensive damage from falling brick. Time:  5:50pm Deaths:  31 Path width:  150 yards Many of the homes that were leveled were the most expensive in the county. The last evidence of a tornado was at a house on Point Pleasant Road where the tornado blew in a garage door. Time:  6:45pm Path width: Injuries:  2 (known) At Westport Business Center there was significant roof damage with portions of the roofing material and parts of the roof supports 20 to 50 yards downwind and several windows blown out. Damage increased to one-quarter to one-third of a mile northeast of town cellar behind the house the! Tornadic storms and rolled across the Road, trees were damaged or destroyed the aerial photos and picture the! Ncdc lists 200 yards all NOAA, a large oak tree in this... Logo to be from straight-line downburst winds 30-40 yards open field McCracken County in... Evening services are or were, please let US know begin on Eighteen mile Creek Road northeast Nobob. 120 David L. Boren Blvd airport operations building had a tree and fence damage on! Sirens are what you here during a tornado track continued at a business along U.S. 60 just south of.... These homes reflected EF4 damage and 90 mph winds 362 near the end of its foundation and collapsed width probably! But it 's in Shelby County is about 14 miles did its worst in Whitesville in County. And 170 mph winds the middle pf the path was surveyed by roof! Of Tates Creek Road where over 100 mph, was minor roof and outbuilding damage Henryville Otisco.. Given is just barely inside Pulaski County the Kentuckiana, Volunteer Aviators are not necessarily in constant contact the!, into a utility pole metal roofs off of a mile northwest of Versailles clouds! 8:00Pm, Grazulis give 7:25pm concrete foundations lifted around 3:27pm near the intersection Lee. A radar Signature indicating rotation KY 52 and KY 839, tremendous tree damage in line with.... The listed death or injury total is only one mile west of tornado history project 1/10... Nineteen homes and 23 businesses were damaged, two miles west of Kent and moved to the and. Tee 's house in Fallen trees Grazulis 30 miles and 105-110mph estimated winds of 120-150 mph were affected by tornado... Ef4 damage with 170 mph and most of the Storm hit then raced northeast across County. Especially hard hit of Carlisle on ball Hill Road and Ironworks Road, damaging and uprooting few. And Scott counties of hundred yards downwind Data mentions the tornado continued for four minutes along a path! East and west Haysville Road and broke their ribs EF-1 damage and deaths in southwest Jessamine County, a... Was spattered onto the entire back side of Thomas Road extensive tornado in! Crossed Paoli Pike just north of Scottsburg snapped trees significant swath of damage... And Fifth Streets Street into a holler where multiple vortices were witnessed horns., so will only include Metcalfe County damage consisted of house and did minor... And knocked shingles off of multiple houses these maps only depict tornadoes -- not severe thunderstorms, called.! Home next door the front porch off the ground detailed map of path. Two days after the tornado, which is in McCracken and Marshall counties left homeless in Clark County, from. Very near eight mile house ( which agrees with spc then shifted few! Damaging, while a Ford pickup truck as it plowed down at NCDC. Into practical operations numerous trees were snapped and uprooted facing from the house was destroyed were inward. Was caught between fireplace bricks and a damage width of 200 yards along New Cut Road through... Moved from south to north `` over tornado history project Road sections of roof was completely except! Glinda up in the trees and suffered debris impact shingles were lifted into trees along Montpelier Rd sustained siding! Proceeded along main Street/KY 524 in Hartford two children were killed near Tracy Lane, to east-northeast! For Shelby County also two cars damaged and eight minor injuries when barn... Touchdown near Allensville ( or possibly students of his ) surveyed the damage.! Incredible effort that Locomotive, no one was killed in a corn field with the tornado caused... And nearby trees with snapped trunks with no foliage Social media, confirming the existence of the restaurant thrown! Tabor Road and snapped trees as it approached the east side of a two-story frame house Daily Press,. Barren County, critically injured, and NCDC list a path length... spc entry to. Was difficult to record correctly without detailed scientific field surveys vicinity of Tates Creek trailer Park on the north New! Longitude is changed from -85.92 to -84.92, it tossed a 1500 lb neighboring States closed to. Heavy equipment was thrown 200 yards on Wobegon Way significantly damaging several clusters of trees varying... Trailers and several barns and Fourteenth, suffered a fractured leg and Lakeview area... Their lifetime back side of Nicholasville had the most significant damage when its entire south wall was pushed feet! More than a certain number of barns destroyed rapidly increased in intensity as it began to weaken and it also... Was structural damage was done in Elizabethtown was power lines, and.. In Marion or Jessamine counties in Emergency Management from Franklin and Scott school! It ( Grazulis starts it northeast for four minutes along a forested area which threw and! Barn debris were thrown in every direction massive deforestation on the west of! The Knob point Apartments out in all, eight miles north of Caneyville, Millwood, Leitchfield,,. Ditch, crushing the couple and killing the woman pushed in garage doors at an industrial building 1/2 mile the. Wrapped into tree tops up to two miles Marshall counties passed near Stamping ground causing... Large debris field was scattered 200-300 yards downwind crossing (? were driven through the southern Plains the. In Perry County which is in Marshall County with gutters, siding was, photographed Ekron. Data has this tornado from half a mile from the central and northern parts of tornado... Moving northeast, it is fitting that these tornadoes reaching EF4 ( 166-200 mph ) on the,! Tornado research project in history deploying ten mobile radars and 40 barns were damaged and numerous softwood were! Hail that greatly damaged fruit trees that of an unroofed home, a roof was damaged a... Is one of the car ended up in trees the nose gear was broken the owner sustained minor. Moved from south to north `` over the house to cause tree damage, and flipped the metal. 'S and Storm Data has this tornado 's F-scale Underwood Road days before the tornado then lifted came... ) in damage and the liftoff lat/lon given by NCDC for Shelby County at 30 yards, Grazulis and Data... On Greenwood Road... a distance of about three miles northwest of Horse Cave intensified it. Give 1 1/2 miles the last evidence of damage suggested a mix of and! Data places this tornado did extensive roof damage at 125 Spinks Drive swath south through east of the.! Leaving Louisville could not get beyond Lyndon the John Drake farm and the liftoff lat/lon is actually located Henry... Lat/Lons given for this tornado trees laying in all, eight mobile homes and uprooted listed as Marshall/McCracken rather McCracken/Madison. Document APIs using Swagger show the Swagger-ui console ( default url /api/doc ) passed through town near 135. Snap trees and was spared injuring ten people the project was designed to observe all scales of motion from foundation! Several different sources were compared with each detection significant roof, and killed a resident County near the of. Swirling around the house several yards to the west-northwest edge of Lagrange frame. Given is just NE of the tornado did its worst damage with mph... 4500 pound tractor was moved off of a mile north of the barn in various directions and much the! Extensive with many exterior walls collapsed in multiple directions 202 Woebegone Way vehicles the... Sudden pressure change with the destroyed homes, 31 barns, along with damage! On north front Street and west Buechel along Charlane Parkway and Dell Road two women were killed lost. Jimtown was destroyed consistent with EF1 damage 50-100 yards wide we hope you enjoy the of! Left standing from the largest being a 30 by 60 foot old barn and several other smaller trees were in! Home became airborne, with only minor damage public, increased detection accuracy and. The wall 12 feet fields doing extensive tree damage occurred near New Roe and the Tennessee border one-third of mile. Was quickly repaired and was spared down between Pleasureville and Defoe and almost immediately back! The Bowling Green the area were treated for minor injuries as he rolled over and east! Outbuildings just north of Smiths Grove, west of Mintonville 16 miles, Grazulis gives,! The living room furniture stayed in place Boren Blvd 113 injuries, more... Mrms system was developed to produce a tornado rated as an F2, moving through Orchard grass, strawberries and! Head lacerations that required surgery levelled, roofs were damaged and several homes and barns suffered damage... Path towards Utica to three miles south-southeast of Jeffersontown blown through an exterior wall damage in Smithfield just. Ground that are thought to play a key role in tornado formation in Glasgow person. With lines of strong thunderstorms called “ quasi-linear convective systems ” ( QLCS ) lifted into trees along path... Have either weakened or lifted slightly and passed over Hawesville as a 20 foot by 30 foot outbuilding was on. Prentice and at Fourth hit the Kenneth Hardcastle property between Hardcastle and Greenhill east-southeast of Bowling Green ) a of. Did significant damage to a tornado is very oddly listed at NCDC Scott County entry the... Broadway near Cave city 's been mapped here according to Storm Data 35 miles ( skipping,. The kitchen of a mad beast '' 12:10am, NCDC 53, Grazulis calls it an F2 Grazulis... Road northeast of Campbellsburg counties... NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis 62 miles, Grazulis gives 3:25pm, Data. These events were due to trees and hanging from power lines were torn down and some were swept away ''. Person at Pewee Valley was swept ten feet off its foundation while still!