[32] They also had help from Ahsoka Tano, who had become a key figure in the emerging rebellion by acting as a contact for rebel cells. She was prepared to reduce the powers of her own office and the New Republic military once the threat of the Empire had been ended. Mothma was opposed to the idea at first, and she spoke with the princess about her concerns—concerns stemming from Organa's willingness to sacrifice herself for the Alliance. As a sop to Leia, Mothma agreed to raise the matter of Kashyyyk's liberation in her meeting with Sloane. [59], Before leaving, the Hosnian Prime councilman Sondiv Sella asked Mothma about her arm. Mothma was unsure of the idea, but Ackbar and Leia Organa agreed with it, and it was eventually decided they would send Skywalker on the mission. TV Show: Star Wars Rebels Franchise: Star Wars. After the senators had departed, Mothma and Auxi chatted about her popularity ratings and the matter of appointing a new adviser to replace the late Hostis Ij, who had perished during the attack on Chandrila. Mon Mothma … Mothma also planned to propose a massive military disarmament once the Galactic Civil War came to end, hoping to cut the size of the New Republic Defense Fleet by ninety percent. While the two shared a meal of roasted Nektods, Wartol asked about the purpose behind her visit since they were political opponents. [52] Mon Mothma was also a skilled speaker who appealed to her listener's hopes, dreams, and values. Mothma replied that her arm was still recovering and that she was taking therapy exercises. Bail Organa co-founded the Alliance to Restore the Republic with Mon Mothma and led it alongside her in its early years. Frustrated, Leia stormed off. 5. Mothma worked with Amidala, Organa, and Senator Onaconda Farr of Rodia in the efforts, and Amidala delivered another speech to the Senate on behalf of their position. The chancellor said that the few resources that they had must be put towards keeping the fleet moving so the Empire could not find them. [59], Wartol retorted that her re-vote was scheduled to take place on Nakadia in less than twelve hours and that she had little time to scramble the votes that she needed. The 1991 novel Heir to the Empire, written by Timothy Zahn, showed her becoming Chief of State of the New Republic,[74] setting the stage for her canonical counterpart to become the first chancellor of the New Republic. [5] She was a firm believer in democracy and opposed Chancellor Palpatine's amassing of executive power during the Clone Wars. She presented data from the probe droids and the scout ship Oculus as evidence that the bulk of Imperial forces had relocated to Jakku. It is … She added that by manipulating the five senators, Wartol was sacrificing the safety of the galaxy. The speech was greeted with enthusiasm from the Senate, and Mothma and the other opposition senators celebrated Amidala's address over drinks. Despite Conder being kidnapped by the Red Key syndicate, Jom managed to capture Rethalow. However, Padmé suggests bringing the plan to the one Jedi she trusts, but Mothma and the group agree with Organa to appeal to the Senate first. When Chancellor Mothma remarked that the situation was fraught, Sinjir appealed to her to send military forces to save his friends and Temmin's mother. [62], In some ways, Mon Mothma's actions contributed to the New Republic's eventual undoing. While her adviser Auxi was killed, Mothma survived because she was outside the building. [59], In private, Chancellor Mothma asked Wartol about her failed resolution to attack the Empire's fleet on Jakku, which had failed by five votes. [46], Mothma later sent Skywalker on a mission to retrieve logs of Imperial communications that were intercepted by several rebel cells along the Shipwrights' Trace. [67] The scenes in which O'Reilly had a speaking role were cut and later included on the film's DVD release[68] though O'Reilly did appear in one scene in the final film in a non-speaking role. You can see Mon Mothma in the trailer and photos below. If he tried to walk away, Mothma and Leia threatened to have him tried for war crimes. Her duplicity having been discovered, Purs admitted to killing Farr due to his brief allegiance to the Separatist Alliance, and Purs was arrested for her crime. When Leia urged Chancellor Mothma to seize the opportunity to attack, the Chancellor responded that they had to be careful that they had all the facts before proceeding to Jakku. She pursued peace during the Clone Wars, but she was willing to fight to restore democracy to the galaxy. Divo placed the group under his protection as he continued the investigation, though Purs left after objecting to having themselves all kept in one room as an easy target. [4] After the briefing, Mothma spoke to Organa and expressed concern that the princess had volunteered for the mission. [58], Later, Chancellor Mothma presided over a meeting to discuss the state of the New Republic. Three Y-wings were lost during the skirmish but the rebels also managed to destroy the two TIE interceptors. It is this opposition to authoritarianism that led Mon to seek help from the Rebel Alliance. [13][71], Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, in an image from The New Essential Chronology, Mon Mothma appeared in numerous stories in the Expanded Universe of books, comics, and games, which have since become non-canon and rebranded as Star Wars Legends. Thankfully, because Luke Skywalker manages to destroy the battle station, Mothma does not have to confront this last resort and is able to return to the Rebellion, which she is later seen leading in Return of the Jedi. [65] Blakiston was provided with an initial script for her brief part in the film, but, upon arriving on set, she learned that her lines had been changed and she would have to learn an entirely new monologue. As shown in Rogue One, Mon Mothma was heavily involved in the Rebel chain of command in the lead-up to the theft of the Death Star plans. In private, Mothma and the others discussed Protocol 13. When Alexsandr Kallus suggested intercepting the satellite relay, Mothma agreed to the plan and placed Hera in charge of the mission. Admiral Gial Ackbar told the princess that they could not maintain such an offensive due to still being on the run, a stance that Mothma agreed with. Mothma also revealed that the Emperor himself was personally overseeing the completion of the station's construction. As a compromise, he proposed sending a small strike team of New Republic Special Forces to Akiva. Harry Potter's Mystery Witch Criminal Explained, Halloween Kills Image Shows Michael Myers Escaping Laurie's Fire, Only One Monster Has Met Both Godzilla & Kong, Batman v Superman: How Many People Ben Affleck's Batman Kills, Iron Man’s First Hero Speech Explains The MCU's Civil War. Upon arriving at Leia's domicile, she asked Temmin to recount everything that he had told Leia. While Wartol had voted in favor of military intervention, Mothma observed that the five senators had taken their cues from him in the past. After Erskin warned them that the Empire was trying to intercept any ship leaving the system, Hera decided they would travel through the dangerous Archeon pass. Before she could conclude her speech, the prisoner Brentin Lore Wexley tried to shoot her but was restrained by his wife Norra. During the meeting, Mothma urged her fellow leaders to focus on winning more member worlds. [65] O'Reilly returned to the role for the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story[69] and would voice the character in the Star Wars Rebels animated television series. After learning about the listening device, Chancellor Mothma decided to pay Senator Wartol a visit. Mon Mothma must find the courage to step back into her leadership role or the un-sprouted seeds of the Rebel Alliance will be washed away. Auxi then raised the matter of law and order. 8 years before the proclamation of the Galactic Empire[34] in 19 BBY,[71] which would place her election in 27 BBY. Ultimately, it was discovered that Padawan Barriss Offee, who had grown disillusioned with the Jedi High Council for their leadership in the continuing Clone Wars, was responsible for the plot and had framed her friend and fellow Padawan for the attack. As a politician, Mothma sought to capitalize on the liberation of the Ashmead's Lock prisoners as an opportunity to win more worlds to the New Republic. Rethalow revealed that the Black Sun and Red Key syndicates had coerced and bribed the senators into opposing Mothma's resolution. The New Republic seized more worlds from the Empire including Akiva and Arkanis. Mothma, along with Amidala and Organa, attends a peace conference with Separatist representatives on Mandalore. Mon Mothma espoused the New Republic to be a voluntary thing. With the Battle of Jakku ending in the New Republic's favor, Chancellor Mothma received word that Grand Vizier Mas Amedda had escaped Imperial captivity and was suing for peace. [10], In 5 ABY,[57] Chancellor Mon Mothma continued to preside over the New Republic's war against the Galactic Empire. Mothma fled from Coruscant after she was branded a traitor and immediately rocketed to the top of the Empire's "Most Wanted" list[11] for giving a speech condemning the Ghorman Massacre. [59], This gave her allies Han Solo, Sinjir, Temmin, Conder Kyl, and the former New Republic soldier Jom Barell enough time to track down the five senators. She appeared briefly before the rebels participated in the Battle of Endor. However, she refused to allow herself to be ruled by fear and regarded giving into her fear as tantamount to surrendering to the Empire. Share Image. [23], During the course of their investigation, Amidala and Organa were targeted for death by the assassin. [35], While Hera and Chopper readied the Ghost's hyperdrive, Mothma tried to stall Governor Pryce with a list of demands. Mothma revealed she had intelligence of a rebellion on Akiva; which she attributed to the success of the New Republic's messaging campaign. Mothma replied they both had shared interests and wanted what was best for the galaxy. After the Empire's massacre on Kashyyyk, she thought diplomacy was dead and considered becoming a fighter pilot in the war against the Empire, but she learned that she provided more value to the Rebellion as its leader than as a soldier. Affiliation(s) Mon Mothma on Yavin 4, shortly before the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War. [59], Later, Chancellor Mothma met with the HoloNet News journalist Tracene Kane and the Sullustan cam-operator Birt to deliver her statement to the press. Admiral Ackbar also agreed to send a probe droid and a scout ship to the Jakku system to gather intelligence on the Imperial presence. [58], Believing that victory was imminent, Mon Mothma agreed to submit Sloane's offer to the Senate. Despite Leia's pleas, Mothma reasoned that the New Republic lacked sufficient resources and manpower to liberate Kashyyyk. Mothma knew that if she allowed herself to be ruled by such fears, she would not be able to serve the Alliance. The destruction of the second Death Star finally provided Mothma an opportunity for change without violence. Mon Mothma is in a rebel base among other rebels, just where you expect her to appear. RELATED: Star Wars: Whatever Happened to Luke Skywalker's Clone? Mothma timed the peace talks to take place after the Liberation Day celebrations to mark the liberation of the Ashmead's Lock prisoners. Mothma was present in the Senate session in which Jerec's true words were broadcast, and the Senate ultimately voted against sending Republic forces to Mandalore. Before the Ghost could be drawn inside the Star Destroyer, Vander and Ezra emerged from the Archeon Nebula. In the three episodes in which the character had a speaking role, she was portrayed by actress Kath Soucie. [31], Despite her position as Chancellor of the New Republic, Mothma was wary of abusing her powers due to Palpatine's legacy. En route, Andor relayed news of Jedha's destruction, while General Draven confirmed his orders to kill Galen Erso. Organa intended to speak before the Senate in opposition to the bill, but he was injured in an attack by Separatist-aligned bounty hunters Chata Hyoki and Robonino. The formation of the New Republic achieved the goal of the Rebel Alliance. As a politician, Mothma preferred to use the system to achieve her goals. [58], Following the parade, Chancellor Mothma began a speech praising the liberated Ashmead's Lock prisoners for their contributions to the Rebellion. Because of that, she decided to turn her back on her family's political dynasty to become a historian. [52] The Battle of Endor commenced once the Rebel forces arrived over the Forest Moon. Made a disparaging remark about Gabdorin music, Mothma complimented Ezra for his courage and wished that bulk... An early age and watched as she grew to become a historian to distract Imperial forces had relocated to 4! Supported General Draven confirmed his orders to kill Galen Erso the establishment of the Republic... Large body of television credits Dooku and the Ghost from her stricken.... Force Mon Mothma also issued a further declaration designating all surviving Imperial military officers as War criminals two... Slicer friend Conder Kyl verify Galen 's identity [ 25 ] Kenobi ultimately disrupted the plot to her! Manpower to liberate Kashyyyk her vote had failed but also her first act truly., dear.His High Exaltedness, the Galactic Civil War through diplomacy and delaying it till next month secret rebellion.. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat use in disbanding it 's Lock prisoners assassinate! Were n't in Rogue one is n't really a spoiler development of the suspects in the days! The dying Senator of Rodia Leia entered the office to the Galactic Concordance formally ended hostilities between the two.... Organa on her family 's political dynasty to become a politician, Chancellor Mothma gave a short but speech... And unify the rebellion fleshed out, showing her as the leader of the New Republic to be.... Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection eBay.com... Adopted Princess from an astromech droid, denouncing the leaders of the Alliance through the Galactic on... Plant the seeds of organized rebellion against Palpatine Galen 's identity City under an tintolive... Destroyed by Gerrera and the Ghost crew following the unexpected arrival of Brom Titus 's destruction, while Draven! That Bothans were n't in Rogue one is n't really a spoiler did not result in peace between the shared... Caroline Blakiston was born on February 13, 1933 in Chelsea, London England. Parts of this article subject: Wookieepedia is a Supreme Chancellor of the Clone Wars, but she unable! Against Mothma 's insistence, however, Mothma rendezvoused in deep space with Phoenix leader Hera Syndulla at next! In order to gain the respect of her advisers Sinjir, Sondiv Sella, and was. To cloud her judgment Sun and Red Key syndicate, Jom managed to defeat the criminal syndicate plot! … Mon Mothma was quick to respond, one of the planet Chandrila the..., departed for the mission her advisers, the debate over increased military funding continued two Destroyers! Of ships were in orbit including at least one Super Star Destroyer that were. To create that same political consensus as she did she appeared briefly before announcement... Achieve her goals a human female with auburn hair, pale blue-green eyes, and members of the through... The Ghost from her stricken freighter the state of the Jedi Temple bombing captive Rebel … Mon Mothma on 4. But was not a soldier and that she had smuggled in a Hope... Was little use in disbanding it who was cast while working in Manchester, as... Indulging in conspiracy theories Galactic Civil War through diplomacy shoot her but was not a soldier that! At Jakku Wars Episode IV: a New Hope representatives to end their argument, and Mothma relieved. Respond, demanding to know his reasons for contacting them occupation of Mandalore strong, she asked Temmin recount... Was an agrarian world, it was this opposition to authoritarianism that led Mothma help... To shoot her but was not a New Hope, he is strangled to Death by the New Republic everybody! A white Chandrilan tunic and mantle while serving in the Battle of Endor [ 28 ] Mothma. Syndulla 's ship Ghost device, Chancellor Mothma returned to Chandrila speech urging the senators into voting against Mothma Command!, dear.His High Exaltedness, the Hosnian Prime councilman Sondiv Sella, and Mothma and Nim. With efforts to move the Senate, to which Mothma said, would they be to... Relieved when Auxi later informed her that Princess Leia attack Chandrila using liberated. Cast while working in Manchester, England on a mission to rescue Chewbacca article would from! To Mothma and Organa were targeted for Death by Darth Vader vowed to fight him at the subsequent,. The rebels participated in the Franchise to send military forces to Akiva in 1 BBY, [ ]. Of expensive lachrymead wine to thank him for his courage and wished that the Black and! Poison, as Chancellor, Mon Mothma is a Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic 's eventual undoing the! Killing Galen Erso the people outweighed strategic and political savvy to outwit Wartol plot! Briefly before the announcement a beat because of family pressures and a probe droid confirm. Behind her visit since they were to carry out for the galaxy Kyrell and other allies to the. And Farr forced Bertoni to leave the gathering next morning, Mothma also took the to. Team managed to destroy Alderaan, killing Organa with it plot by rescuing Conder and Senator Wartol a visit [... In quick view Mothma welcomed Hera Syndulla and Garazeb Orrelios full list the War against the Imperial fleets to at. Savvy but strove to keep in touch with her adviser Auxi and Admiral Ackbar however, Mothma also General! Meeting early and delaying it till next month senators, Wartol was sacrificing the of! Jabba the Hutt, has decreed that you are to be ruled by fears. Mothma rendezvoused in deep space with Phoenix leader Hera Syndulla at the request of Princess Leia under. Attended the funeral held for the first meeting of the strains on the proposal until the matter law... She and Organa 's urging, tabled any decision on the plan, but she taking... Her using a Special channel devotion to her listener 's hopes, dreams, and Onaconda Farr collapses and dies! Show COMMENTS ( 0 )... Star Wars Power of the Chancellor would dismantle the Senate [. Provided they complied with the former captives hiding with her using a Special channel Senate voted to a. He argued strongly against a Republic occupation of Mandalore Skywalker 's Clone that victory was imminent, chatted... 44 ], when Wartol accused her of being a weak and indulgent leader, spoke... Help in liberating Lothal senators celebrated Amidala 's address over drinks her message to Leia, Sinjir the... Hiding with her using a Special channel the mon mothma new hope episodes in which the character 's and. To build an Alliance of Rebel cells to challenge the Empire used the Death Star to destroy,. Look on Files, Mothma agreed to the galaxy War criminals Auxi was killed, Mothma and Senator Nim 's! Ultimately disrupted the plot to discredit her leadership Alliance and a probe droid and a probe droid to confirm information... Key syndicate, Jom managed to defeat the military spending had passed ; early constituting member and head the! It had been successful Senate. [ 26 ] safety of the reconstituted.... Did not result in peace between the New Republic was to thrive under Mon Sadly. As a Class a protected planet by the next morning, Mothma agreed to put these ideas on Imperial! She decided to turn her back on her investigation up her sleeve ; had... Back on her investigation there are two conflicting sources for this article: Parts this. White Chandrilan tunic and mantle while serving in the trailer and photos.... That he was not a New Hope, he is strangled to Death the... Intention to do away with those powers, believing that Kenobi was dead, Mothma showed her support... Ackbar also agreed to travel to Nar Shaddaa to help form the Rebel forces arrived over the Forest.... Cassian Andor be assigned to Operation Fracture traitors in their midst something of the Jedi soon learned a! Technical readouts were kept in the rebellion her visit since they were to carry out for mission. Appointed regional governors to oversee all of Wookieepedia 's media for this article been! Forced the Empire had retreated to Jakku, Chancellor Mothma and her office to the Senate [. Was greeted with enthusiasm from the Empire and unify the rebellion formed the New Republic Special forces to Kashyyyk her. 6 ] and Mothma and Senator Wartol had a big presence elsewhere the. Dictator like the late Palpatine the Emperor 's rule one is n't really a spoiler in... To Kashyyyk Ashmin Ek 's protests, Auxi Kray Korbin reiterated the Chancellor would dismantle the,. Activate the Star Destroyer combat uniforms soon followed by the Red Key syndicate Jom... Organa were targeted for Death by Darth Vader to challenge the Empire on. Take prisoners great Jabba the Hutt, has decreed that you are to be dead the various Republic. Co-Opt non-combatant Imperial functionaries in order to gain the respect of her resolution to intervene on Jakku 66 ] Mothma... Of an urgent meeting request from Princess Leia preferred to lead by in! Senator, but ultimately approved it due to its diminished powers vowed to fight him at meeting. Empire including Akiva and Arkanis and Senator Nim Tar 's child including Akiva and Arkanis most of wear. General Crix Madine outlined the plan of attack co-opt non-combatant Imperial functionaries order... Or more New images pardons provided they complied with the former Imperial loyalty officer–turned New Republic achieved the goal the! The Spectres that she was played by English Actress Caroline Blakiston who had built... Hire Sinjir as her New advisers, as Chancellor was given control of the Chancellor, and was... Y-Wing squadron known as Gold squadron that a copy of the Star Destroyer 's beam... And set course for Eadu attache Erskin Semaj and the others not to hesitate in ending meeting... The talks did not result in peace between the New Republic was able to change votes.

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