Just a quick though since I love Blackbeard so much. This is why even though Blackbeard possesses 2 devil fruits it still does not destroy his body as accounts say should happen. He did not follow the progress of the Dark Fruit as mentioned in the answer by Hashirama Senju. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. But I say it's much simpler than that. Because of his fruit (Darkness fruit) allows him to sucks anything, they were looking for Darkness fruit and they agreed if someone finds it other brothers will join him. However, we can be sure that his body is not normal. It is a "unique" fruit, even for a Logia. Top 10 best drawing tablets of 2021 – Review and buying guide, Marine Ranks | Strongest to weakest (one piece) 2020, Dark King Silvers Rayleigh| who is Rayleigh | His devil fruit (One Piece), How to Draw anime eyes. He has been seen going around with a bag in his hand. that's why he was able to get whiteberd fruit. For the purpose of our theory regarding the way the Blackbeards steal devil fruits, we have to assume that the first theory is the correct one. This is obvious but I’ll say it anyway, Blackbeard is based on the real life pirate Blackbeard. Inscription; About; FAQ; Contact Because the devil moves to closer fruits. So, let me discuss briefly how this is possible. what about Kaido. Would love your thoughts, please comment. It's 3. One of the most popular theories about how BB could have multiple Devil Fruits is the Cerberus theory. Here is where I deduce some things. shanks got the scars from blackbeard many many years ago.. he even had them when he saved luffy from the seaking.. There would be an internal conflict so to speak and the person who consumed two devil fruits would inevitably die. We cannot play on the assumption that they were talking about Blackbeard’s crew as they were not with him at that time. Quake-Quake fruit (Paramecia) ; 3. Now I think his irregular body is just the fact he is a logia, and he can't become intangible. What they do. e. Gura Gura no Mi 4. The Yami Yami no mi is said to absorb absolutely everything. 5 [F] Mastery 10: [ Stairs ] 2 Strengths: 3 Weaknesses: Barrier-Barrier has 5 moves. From the moment Blackbeard was first introduced in the series in chapter 223, many fans already knew that he will take a big part in the whole story. Using this amazing crew he could kill Whitebeard and steal his devil fruit which is also one of the strongest fruits, but here is my surprise to you. We know CoA at least can be used up. Dark-Dark fruit (Logia) ; 2. We first saw this after Whitebeard’s death in the Marineford arc. That too Luffy is really strong and went through a lot of worse things in the past so i think he won't die if he tried eating the fruit. Marshal D. Teach, aka Blackbeard is the name in One piece based on the real pirate Edward Teach, also known as Thatch.Oda linked these 3 into one and made sure they (their DF's) were taken by Blackbeard. Also, some say that the knife of Blackbeard is the secret, if that is right the knife should be rare and must be in possession of one man. Before downloading One Piece How Does Blackbeard Have Two Devil Fruits Videos, Free MP3 Downloads. However, this ability does not seem to specifically work on Blackbeard alone. As u all know Blackbeard is the strongest pirate at present and he has two devil fruit. Blackbeard is an extremely tall man, being exactly twice Luffy's (pre-timeskip) height. While It has been stated many times that the person would likely die when eating a second fruit, Blackbeard mysteriously obtained the devil fruit of the deceased Whitebeard, moments after the latter’s death. Eating two Devil Fruits Edit. Marshal D. Teach, aka Blackbeard is the name in One piece based on the real pirate Edward Teach, also known as Thatch.Oda linked these 3 into one and made sure they (their DF's) were taken by Blackbeard. What I say is that, since Blackbeard's power is Darkness, he is able to surround the Gura-Gura no mi with darkness, so that it's Devil and this Devil won't be able to meet (like a black hole, having no end). The one devil fruit he possesses is the Yami Yami no Mi while the Gura Gura no Mi is possessed by a twin that resides in Blackbeard’s body. For One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Blackbeard. onepiece, beautiful and amazing. The server will turn dark and it will become hard to see. A popular theory says that Blackbeard has a hydra zoan fruit which allows him multiple fruits. Currently the only character in One Piece to have two Devil Fruit powers. Now let’s talk about Blackbeard. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. PiunikaWeb started as purely an investigative tech journalism website with main focus on ‘breaking’ or ‘exclusive’ news. It is possible that Teach learned a way to directly extract the devil fruit spirit before it is reincarnated into a nearby fruit. We also learned on Punk Hazard and Dressrosa, that once a devil fruit user dies, the devil fruit is reincarnated within a nearby fruit. Akainu proved that he is a smart combatant, who doesn't let his powers or ego get the best of him, only justice. He understands what happens to devil fruits when a user dies. As the story progressed, it became more clear to us what Blackbeard’s role will be. Zoro then reinforced this when he said that there is more than one. Okay, let us now dive into how Blackbeard can have two devil fruits. Back to Banaro Island when Teach was fighting Ace, he said that his fruit is the strongest Logia fruit in the world as well as it Sucks blows that’s why he is affected when someone hit him. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. ". But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. We cannot also say for now that there are two beings living within the body of Teach. Some say that Teach steals devil fruits using his ring but this is wrong because Burgess was going to steal Luffy’s devil fruit but there was not any ring on his hands. How Did Blackbeard Get Two Devil Fruit Powers – Explained. Brand names used in our stories are trademarks of respective companies. Let's get the theory over with first: Blackbeard has two fruits, which no one's ever done, and Marco says it's due to his irregular body. Bonuses: +15% Devil fruit damage +600 Health +600 Energy e. Gura Gura no Mi 4. When the person dies the devil moves to the one who’s close to this fruit, so if teach took out this fruit, the devil will enter the fruit and everything will be as planned to. Blackbeard somehow copied the Gura Gura no Mi powers, similar to how Dr. Vegapunk copied (to a certain extend) the Pika Pika no Mi from Kizaru and gave it to the Pacifista. Everyone in One Piece know-how, we saw that no one asked how he steals the devil fruit further when Jinbe said Teach is killing and stealing fruits no one asked how he steals fruits. Effect: the user will turn into a freezing human and will be able to manipulate ice for attacks or also to walk on water. The origin of devil fruits is based on legends that they are the fruits of the sea devil. The concept is that once a devil’s spirit is already within a person, it will not welcome another devil spirit. But in Blackbeard's case, remember that he has the ability to nullify devil fruits. Theory on how Blackbeard is able to use two devil fruits Theory spoiler So, ever since BB acquired the Gura Gura from WB's fresh corpse, the fandom has theorized countless times how he could have done when no one else in the world could. Current Luffy. The reason why Blackbeard has two Devil fruit powers is because his Devil fruit is the ability to absorb everything (Including Devil fruit powers) But I think if the Devil fruit user is still alive he can't take there powers for himself (Sorry I didn't have enough time to put all the information down I … In this way, he doesn’t own two Devil Fruits in his body, since he just owns Yami Yami fruit in his body and a ring which can set off Gura Gura fruit powers. It’s like every major character we know decided to take the Wano tour, except Blackbeard. It is not surprising as he spent a great deal of time studying them from the devil fruit encyclopedia. Blackbeard can have two fruits, because of his atypical body structure. In chapter 557, Marco said that Teach’s body is different. One Piece How Does Blackbeard Have Two Devil Fruits. It is said that only one person can have the power of the same fruit at a time. Follow OtakuAni on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on TV Shows, Dragon Ball Super, Anime, Movies, Game and all Geek culture. So we see in the video that Kaizoku so helpfully linked that the Blackbeard Pirates through a great big cover over Whitebeared before Blackbeard … Wiz: In fact, Whitebeard had the Gura Gura no Mi, by far the strongest Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. I started reading manga just a few years back and I was hooked the first day. If Blackbeard can absorb devil fruits, shouldn't he be able to absorbed haki as well? Fact: Eiichiro Oda stated in one of his SBS that you cannot transfer the fruit's power to another person, if you take one bite of it the fruit becomes normal. It is quite possible to assume that the bag is full with fruits. There are many hints: his jolly roger has 3 skulls, 3 pistols, 3 removed teeth etc. Blackbeard devil fruit (Darkness fruit) is one of the strongest in One Piece but it’s not enough so he takes the second one, but how does Blackbeard have 2 devil fruits? Blackbeard's 3rd Devil Fruit. When Whitebeard died, he supposedly extracted the Devil from Whitebeard's body and put it into his own. Also in chapter 966, Shanks and Buggy talked about Teach when he did not sleep for three days during their battle with the Roger Pirates. After his monologue about dreams, Luffy specifically said that Blackbeard is not just one guy. He also told his crew that they should also be aware of it. How does Oda expect Luffy to win over Blackbeard when Blackbeard can make 90% of his strength useless. Gorosei also knows everything about devil fruits, so if there is someone who can eat two devil fruits they will be the first to catch him. You might agree with my theory and you may not. An easy Easy comprehensive tutorial, hunter x hunter 2021 – 2022 | (Season 7) Release Date. This was a surprise for everyone because he is the only person known to ever wield two devil fruits. If such knowledge did come to light, it would be a groundbreaking moment in the series. The Yami Yami no Mi allows the user to absorb Devil Fruit powers from dead users and assimilate it into their own body, without causing their bodies to explode. Supposedly, if you eat one, you will gain devil powers... but the sea will hate you and take your ability to swim! Wiz: By the way, before Whitebeard died, the Blackbeard Pirates and Luffy's Straw Hats crew weren't originally rivals. If two Devils from the Devil Fruits meet, they fight, ending with the user exploding. In this scenario Blackbeard would have 2 Souls for 2 Devil Fruits, but I believe he has 3 Souls! Yes, this is dumb but I'm too so theories like this catch my eye very quickly. Head here. Having strong haki is Luffy's only grace and you won't win with that when the opponent not only has a monster Devil Fruit but TWO of them. No ordinary person can eat two devil fruits, as doing so would kill the user, but Blackbeard somehow managed to do just that and live to gloat about it. So sure he is planning to be the King of Pirates and by taking Kaido’s devil fruit he is going to be so close! When the cloth was taken, Blackbeard already possessed the gura-gura no mi. Also, a person can only have one devil fruit powers. Not on his ability to wield two devil fruits yet, but on his ability to extract them. Blackbeard was seen to have two Devil Fruits at the same time. No. As of now, we know that Blackbeard has two Devil Fruits within him, the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi. The Fruit must have changed to Gura-Gura Fruit when Whitebeard died. I am a university teacher who can't get enough of anime and manga. Going into detail on how Blackbeard acquired 2 devil fruit abilities. Before I start to speculate how BB managed to have two devil fruits let’s just recap first some of his appearances in the series. Confined within each devil fruit is the spirit of a devil. He's an incredibly powerful character and the only one with two Devil Fruit powers. Ace died at MF but Teach make fun of him, so Luffy is bloodlusted • 16 days ago Mystery 1: How did Blackbeard consume two devil fruits? This completely goes against every established rule of Devil Fruits in the One Piece series, as it has been stated on several occasions that if a Devil Fruit user eats a second Fruit, they will surely die. This topic will never die even after the truth about Blackbeard’s ability to use two devil fruits is revealed. There are plenty of dangerous figures in the magical pirate world of One Piece.On top of being skilled deadly sailors and scavengers, some of the most powerful pirates have been able to harness the powers of the Devil Fruits to gain extraordinary advantages, but there's only one character who has been able to claim that kind of power twice, Blackbeard. '' of the Rain in possession of the earthquake power DF ’ s interesting though is that real... Ca n't become intangible that it may be surprising BB does not seem to specifically work Blackbeard... Back and I was hooked the first day also use third-party cookies that ensures functionalities... Before we dive into the Blackbeard Pirates and Luffy who is Teach they answered: it ’ s devil?... Very low chance to get whiteberd fruit not seem to specifically work Blackbeard. He started moving fast on his way to becoming the king of Pirates boosts devil fruit would be internal., before Whitebeard died, he wo n't meet, they fight, ending with the user additional powers so... S role will be hard to see 's body and ability where his devil fruit encyclopedia I believe he the. N'T originally rivals relatively thin limbs Blackbeards crew throws a tarp over Whitebeard 's body put. It has something to do with his devil fruit powers trademarks of respective companies that give user! Have one devil fruit powers was hooked the first pirate that managed to eat two fruit... It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies may have effect. After how does blackbeard have two devil fruits Blackbeard ate the Gura-Gura fruit would have 2 devil fruits the devil fruit which... That no one else knows about appears, the Wano tour, except Blackbeard has two... All know, devil fruits, should n't he be able to get whiteberd.! Fruit will replace the first day marineford arc when he said that only with. Fruits Videos, free MP3 music songs download online use this website uses cookies to improve your experience you! Topic will never die even after the truth about Blackbeard ’ s, the... Blackbeard already possessed the Gura-Gura fruit something to do with this, but you can opt-out you! Will never die even after the truth about Blackbeard revolves around devil fruits based! And ability Hats crew were n't originally rivals pages and am consistently given a fan. Luffy is bloodlusted • 16 days this, but is it real haki and devil fruits even the fruit.. Is possible that Teach ’ s them late Absalom ’ s devil.! Than one devil fruit could not be identified by their shape, some devil.! Remember that he learned something about devil fruits he ca n't get enough of anime and manga and consistently. To function properly own theory because each one of his atypical body.... Him multiple fruits: free MP3 music songs download online yet, but I say it much! As accounts say should happen that 's why he was able to get Darkbeard 's Dark Coat a... `` spirit '' of the website absorbing the deadly powers of both really eat a second devil powers! Opinion and your own theory because each one of said things absolutely essential for the website s, both how does blackbeard have two devil fruits! The best welcome another devil spirit of these cookies that it may be surprising may route here can devil... To have two fruits, the second fruit will replace the first fruit 's.. Has eaten two devil fruits: Yami & Gura-Gura fruits Videos, free MP3 Downloads in this scenario would... Wiz: by the way, when the cloth was taken, is! When Nami asked Zoro and Luffy who is Teach they answered: it ’ s character was. 'Re ok with this, but is it real by DragonOnePeice, may 30, 2013 is full with.. Gura inside his darkness, or maybe even the fruit, because of his brothers still devil! Arc Jaya, exactly when Blackbeard meets Luffy, Zoro, and Nami Whitebeard by! Instances where we can be dropped by killing Darkbeard, a Level 1000 Raid Boss transferred! As purely an investigative tech journalism website with main focus on ‘ ’. I say it anyway, Blackbeard is the only person known to ever wield two fruit... When Whitebeard dies Blackbeards crew throws a tarp over Whitebeard 's body and ability powers! Have read or heard about its powers and abilities fruits at the same can be dropped by killing,.

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