I am thinking of buying this kit to install on my trusty Trek 930. They are becoming more popular due to acceptable quality and very affordable price. As motor manufacturers try to cut the corner and supply with cheaper crankset. The highlight of the Bafang Ultra is the newly redeveloped controller and improved torque sensor algoritm that measures the amount of pressure you put on the pedals. 48*12..). Bafang is Chinese motor manufacturer located in Suzhou nearby Shanghai and they are the biggest motor manufacturer in the world in terms of quantity. So they can’t handle high power. On the trail, the new 160 Nm motor display good modulation and deliver raw power to comfortably steam past any other e-bikes uphill. If you’re interested in how Bafang M620 integrated in to Frey EX bike and it’s performance, please check our Frey EX review. 1 review for Ebike Controller for Bafang BBSHD 52V 28AH 1000W. Don’t worth the money that you invest in. But unfortunately this gradually changed and there are more powerful hub motors produced by other companies. Could you add weight info of motors? The Bafang mid-drive BBSHD 1000w motor mounts in place of your bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crankset and front derailleur if you have one. Works very well on my BBSHD motor. When we tested we can have only 33 Nm of torque at best. It isn’t most powerful motor but it offers value considering the price of the motor. I am looking for something powerfull as a hub motor to upgrade in my radwagon, ideally it will fit right away. Bafang mid drive motor ; 25 amp controller (built into drive system) with upgraded 3077 mosfets; Hot rod programmed for ultimate performance ; Bottom bracket compatible with 68-73mm bottom brackets (most standard bikes) Your choice of 44t, 46t, 48t, or 52t chain ring (depending on stock level) Thumb throttle ; C961 Display; Read our complete review on this kit here. Regarding their Ultra controller, people who have ridden both the Bafang and higher end motors such as the Bosch or Shimano feel that the Bafang controller is less refined. If your controller is able to deliver higher juice then your e-bike motor can deliver more power (of course limited to it’s capacity). July 9, 2020; 11 Comments; Bafang BBSHD Review – The one to rule them all? I think they offer great value and compared to Bafang I don’t see much difference and in certain cases Shengyi even outperform Bafang. Sorry for the typo. Helpful? Also good battery’s to use lithume one? This is definitely one of our favorite hub motors produced by Bafang. I really prefer to stay away from Xofo motors. This motor is used mostly in Europe. I ve tested the BBS02B which you unfortunately don’t have in the list – it was strong enough for all my hills to get me to around 15mph, claiming 120Nm torque..who knows ? 6- What is price of tdcm motor 5 speed for sale ? It all comes down to money, convert your bike with a Bafang motor or buy a completely new bike. What makes their motor special is the planetary gears used; which are metal. It weighs about 30kg. And using 48v 17.5ah battery… I am looking for something with more speed could you suggest a motor that would work with the size wheel I have?? The Bafang mid-drive BBSHD 1000W motor mounts in place of your bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crankset and front derailleur if you have one. 3- If I need to choose between Dapu Electric bike motor and Bafang Electric bike motor, which one seems better? Most companies are using nylon gears such as Bafang. Some of these items include a brake lever, thumb throttle, crank LCD, chaining wheel, and a brake sensor. The latest incarnation of the motor does pretty much everything better than its predecessors. Howard. If you have 26 inch wheel, you can reach 23.3 mph on throttle mode. In Europe, its electric motors have de-facto become the standard. This is usually reserved for some extreme applications where aftermarket controllers are used to push motor beyond 2kw mark. I don’t see a big difference in terms of performance between Shengyi and Bafang Motors and our tests confirmed that result. Add a review Cancel reply. Thanks antonio. Having an internal hub gear has certain advantages but after-sales will be a night mare. I'll cut to the point, for any of you out there who has expressed concern that the Bafang Ultra M620/G510 motor has been severely overlooked in terms comparison videos and reviews which attempts to answer the question "which motor is more powerful", fear not, I've got this!!! As far as weight and size go, the new Bafang Ultra is industry heavy weight. It is heavier than other hub motors which make sense as it has more wire and metal gear. Outil de serrage pour clé d'installation Bafang Mid Drive Motor pour moteur Bafang BBS BBSHD BBS01 BBS02. A reduction ratio of 1: 5 and a maximum torque of 80 N.m, providing ideal power for e-bikes! We also hope to see new generation of controllers that have integrated bike immobilisers, Bluetooth phone integration for display-less control and provision for GPS tracking. According to many e-bikes I tried and tested I can easily say Dapu is way better than Bafang if we are talking purely about the motor. The Bafang Ultra mid-drive electric bicycle motor offers an insane level of power, torque and speed rarely seen in an electric bicycle format. 11 Comments. Besides that for mid-drive motors I like the complete package of Bafang as they come with neat looking display compared to outdated old looking display of Dapu. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. Kymco electric scooters also use TDCM hub motors but it isn’t kind of e-bike motor that we will cover here at least in this post. TDCM is a Taiwanese motor manufacturer. I am not big fan of crankset comes with motors. It was the most powerful hub motor in old days but now this is just a mediocre hub motor as nothing has been developed on it. Great information, but why did this review not include a comparison of the Bosch motors? If using a 100mm fatbike motor on a regular bike (73mm) some additional spacers may be needed and can be bought here. Here we used the test center of TUV and we appreciate their help. They are very generous in claiming motor power. Of the thirty sets that I installed, there were three controller failures and one Hall sensor failure. Another is accuracy of … Thanks for a nice article. Shengyi don’t have much information but what they claimed is very similar to what we found. Some of these bikes include mountain bikes, fat bikes, … Also they are known to false advertise motor parameters. Can you tell me controller current of your e-bike then later I can give you better advice. For example, I have used motor controller meant for Shengyi hub motor from Eunorau, and I connected with Bafang hub motor (both with 9 pin connector) and worked no problem. Extra Long Battery Life . Definitely it is important. I have an older Radwagon 3, nobody knows what kind of motor it comes with. First of all you won’t get enough juice as weight of the bike and speed don’t create enough energy. De Rosa Bafang. They have enourmous production capacity and have good customer service in EU. E-Mountainbikes are not just for sport. I and sure lots of people would love to see a in depth review of the claimed 120-160Nm torque and power ratings. Hi Bob. Bafang Ultra have internal temperature sensor that cut power when motor winding reach thermal limits, there is no way we could reach that level on non-modified drive on usual trails and general cross mountain rides. I think Shengyi is doing great job in providing good motors in affordable segment. I have a YOUE Geared Brushless Hub Motor that I cannot find any information or website on. Tongsheng TSDZ2 vs Bafang BBS02 – Which one is for you? For over 10 years Bafang has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of components for e-bikes. The eMTB’s equipped with M620 always delivers enough power and unbeatable on steep uphill rides. Shop Now New $ 1,795.00 Impressive. Would love your thoughts, please comment. In this article you’ll find the most relevant information, exciting facts about the new mid-drive as well as a comprehensive test of Bafang’s powerhouse, Bafang Ultra, is also known as G510 & M620. We do hope that in the near future, we will get to see new generation of drives that are on par with best Euro designs in terms of refinement. Impressive. To do so, we tested eight of the hottest motors, putting them through their paces in every imaginable scenario. You will also find ability to set dedicated lock PIN, but it do not immobilise the bike, just lock display. Unlock adventure, make friends, see places. Powerful and efficient, this motor comes with a freewheel 7 speed multi gear Shimano MF-TZ21 14-28T. Once Frey EX goes off-road, as intended by Bafang Ultra tuning from Frey, is’t actually make sense and spot on. Bafang eBike Conversion Kit. The color readouts could be distracting and the screen is very  reflective in sun. Bafang technology service department who makes sure that if the products are under warranty or not. Alors n’attendez plus, offrez-vous votre/vos moteur 8fun bafang bbshd! Great review, I’m pleased i read it and grateful to you for your detailed review. But I’m looking for some real 80Nm on a hub drive, my restrictions are 1000watt max and as much torque as possible if 100Nm is doable I’d buy it. Great article – only one of its kind on the internet! Look forward to your feedback. Much needed information. Read Bafang Bbs01 Motor reviews and Bafang Bbs01 Motor ratings – Buy Bafang Bbs01 Motor with confidence on AliExpress! Editor note: Here is a nice little review one of the first BBSHD customers wrote on the new Bafang BBSHD which is on Cyber Monday sale at Lunacycle.com This was first posted on endless-sphere.com by user … In this article you’ll find the most relevant information, exciting facts about the new mid-drive as well as a comprehensive test of Bafang’s powerhouse . I am interested in this model, because the other brands do not have direct sales to the public, right? TDCM produces two kinds of electric bike motors; standard motors and custom made ones. This is the newest Bafang 1000w BBSHD mid drive motor kit, including upgraded, powerful 30 amp controller with 12 MOSFETs Controller. So even you have a 750 watt motor because of your weak controller you will get only 576 watt power from your motor. … or if my budget allowed, I’d change to my wet dream motor, the X1 Pro Gen 2 , Do you have any experience with Changzhou JiaBo (CZJB) motors? Reviews (0) Description. While the size and shape still offer bike manufacturers lots of freedom for frame and suspension designs, its very high torque output creates new challenges in terms of drivetrain selection and reliability, at least on designs without a careful consideration. It is somewhat bizarre that Bafang have stopped the open source of motor tuning on the new M500 and M600 motors. It provides highest torque and highest rpm which makes it fastest motor. Top Electric City Bikes (Electric Commuter Bikes), ELECTRIC BIKE HUB MOTOR REVIEW AND COMPARISON. But it is only hub motor which provides almost 100% correct values as in their website. Stromer ST2 also uses TDCM custom made motors. At the moment, there is only one aftermarket solution known as Eggrider V2 that offer wireless connectivity and flexible tuning terminal with minimalist display. This is a compact hub motor which has both 350 and 500 watt version. So when need high torque it changes gear and lower the speed so you will have enough torque to climb. The Bafang bike motor has all the required accessories needed for production. After all, the size and design of the motor heavily influence bike designs and geometry concepts especially in 1500W mid-drive segment. One of the main reasons I decided to do this BBSHD Bafang review was because I had a lot of experience installing these mountain bike kits, which were all used for off-road testing. Home / Mid-Drive Motor Units / Bafang eBike Conversion Kit. A powerful motor can reach almost 100% of the top rpm while a weak motor may reach only 30% of top rpm under load. rotary motor pour vente rabais pour le cher bafang moteur: réutilisable moteur ac moteur avec réducteur de vitesse peu moteur jto forage moteur vélo moteur 120 555 moteur avec mandrin moteur du moulin esc hub moteur perceuse électrique moteur 24v examen pénétrant de bafang moteur: dc électrique motoréducteur 500w micro metal gear moteur avec roue moteur … A set of headlights come as a gift for users. So on the Dapu motors used on Ariel Riders bikes, they list 750 watt Nominal 1500 watt Peak Power on the X-Class. Actually, Bafang has a reputation for being a very robust and well built motor. Xofo is really not worth to buy. Any good recommendation for front hub 20″, sorry just getting started into ebikes and like to convert my fold up. This is the newest Bafang 1000w BBSHD mid drive motor kit, including version B motor and upgraded powerful 30 amp with 12 MOSFETs controller. The latest Bafang Ultra does have a bit of a noise problem – not the typical noise of the motor humming under full load, but the coarse-toothed buzz and freewheel that produces a metallic sound when it engages. Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mini Review. Noise and weight aren’t major issues in such cases. Unfortunately their parameters of motor are all wrong or false advertised. BAFANG, DAPU SHENGYI AND HENGTAI, Here are the best cheap e-bikes you can buy right now, Fat tire e-bikes are here to stay. Still a bit confused on what to use where and where does the Bosch and it’s contemporaries fit into the scale of quality? This is cheapest 500w e-bike motor produced by Bafang. But before we start the test let’s understand certain fundamentals of the hub motors. Thanks. Why is that? September 13, 2020; Bafang BBS01 250w Review – Best street legal conversion kit? Thanks. While the graphics on the colour display look excellent, somewhat poor readability in direct sunlight  and non-removable integration with the cockpit make the DPC-18 a less attractive option for ambitious eMTB riders. Also you most probably will have either a short range e-bike or a very heavy one both I don’t appreciate. Accessories, Reviews. I enjoy TDCM motors but I have to regretfully admit that they are outdated and I feel no big effort from their side to keep up with technology. April 13, 2020 24 Comments Build Video. Priced at $2,499, this is the best price I have ever seen for a full-suspension e-bike with the M620 Bafang Ultra motor. They upgraded their motors to a special motor as I know which is more powerful than dapu motors. Regen system is only available in Direct Drive systems and it is in market for a long time. Rated 5 out of 5. But for hub motors generally you don’t need it that much. It feels like punishment when the motor power is reduced, and simply because the pedals were being spun faster than an arbitrary cadence limit.. I advice you to buy Dapu 48V 500w hub motor or more powerful on your kit. And they continuously face with burned controllers. Sadly, there are no minimalist communication modules for mobile APP’s for display-less configurations. Was this review helpful to you? We tested the 500 watt version which is used by Pedego and BH bikes. Have a little with the installation, but the seller helped to resolve it. Great article. Now with a 750W Bafang motor. Without changing size it is hard to have an e-bike motor with high torque which can go fast that easily. This maybe an issue in mid-drive motors. There are electrical motors produced for heavy jobs but low rpm. this is heaviest geared hub motor we tested. Quality test on bafang BBS 01, luna kit. (GMAC, eZee, Crystalyte, Bafang… Any idea if they are made by one of the more well known brands? First we review Bafang electric bike motors as they are the most popular hub motors. Nominal power is the power motor can deliver on continuous basis without having any issues. As I know Dapu doesn’t sell motor kits but I see some companies make kits from Dapu motor system and sell them online. While technologically company is not as advanced as say Bosch, they are building budget focused alternative that is well received by enthusiasts. Many people have found that the Bafang can actually be mounted to many types of trikes, which can be fun since many trikes are not good candidates for hub motor … BAFANG Test longue durée, et avis sur le moteur pédalier BAFANG , bbshd, BBS-HD, test moteur moyeux vtt, kit freeride.kit LIFT-MTB face aux moteur Bafang BBS 01, BBS 02, xofo , Yamaha , Bosch , Brose I saw some e-bikes such as Super73 or Radpower where they use cheap chips and connectors on their e-bikes. Bafang Ultra motor controller maxes out somewhere around 63V, above this voltage modifications to the circuitry are needed. I would like a bit more power off the line though. This is the motor: It is compactible with disc brakes. For long time very few e-bike hub motors surprised us with the performance as industry don’t invent a lot recently in hub motors. In our test we never get more than 40 Nm and it is against fundamentals of motors to have both high speed and high torque. Discussion Starter • #1 • 1 mo ago. I know a local ebike mechanic that would be doing the work but I want to want to be sure I order the right parts, motor etc I don't want to order something thats … 31,822 Views. amazing review, thanks for doing that, appreciate the time and effort ! Dapu Comes second in the list with reliable performance but they are left behind in competition. The Bafang Ultra Max is an extremely high power torque sensing drive unit which means that if you mess with the programming wrong and then put even the slightest amount of pressure on the pedals then you can suddenly get a 4hp motor with a chain that will chew through your fingers like a hot knife through play-dough. This motor is used by Rad City which is a direct drive motor. They make a big deal about their PAS or regen system. The Bafang rear-drive geared hub motor, is compatible with disc brake, has a rated power of 750W +. And even after some long climbs at maximum assistance level (PAS) that consisted of about 2 minutes of continuous uphill, motor had enough thermal inertia and heat dissipation to absorb all waste heat and display minimal temperature rise. It is a very clear and easy to use display, and has much greater functionality than its older black and white LCD stablemates. It is by far largest colour LCD display we tested to date. Reason it isn’t widely used by electric bikes are very easy. It is very close to a direct drive motor in terms of weight. It is great that the display mount has a full sized USB port built into the base, so you can maintain or charge portable electronics directly from the ebike battery. It is labeled as a 1,000W drive, but…it is capable of MUCH more. Bafang introduced their first bike motor in 2003, in response to the emerging e-bike trend. How many turns it can make under empty load is the top speed that motor can reach. Bafang Hub Motor Review – Better than the BBS02? We get 5 tours per day out of each battery which is about 4 hours of run time with one or two riders on our 4-wheeled railbikes which weight about 275 lbs. And enough torque to climb advice you not to buy dapu 48V 500watt bike has 26 '' with... For you enough juice as weight and size go, the Bafang Ultra motor controller and! T create much problem a lot of thanks to Admin for given correct evaluation of Shengyi.... Are bulky, inefficient and not good at climbing hills a great bike... Bbs01 motor reviews and Bafang Bbs01 motor reviews and Bafang electric bike, Copenhagen wheel, and a brake.. Displays on their product hope this review was helpful and if you plan to ride you or even ’... 0 people found the following review helpful: Decent light for the price specific bike concept imaginable... They sold over 800,000 motors and our tests confirmed that result capacitors limit maximum operating of... Deze middenmotor beter met een accu van bijvoorbeeld 450 of bafang motor review 750 Wh aansturen of. So if your motor is used in Pedego, BH and Ariel Rider e-bikes Shimano MF-TZ21 14-28T 500mA it affect... Of performance between Shengyi and Bafang Bbs01 motor with confidence on aliexpress plus... Well received by enthusiasts betaal je daar wel een behoorlijke meerprijs voor unfortunately we didn ’ t the! To Wishlist Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist Add to compare is also as. Most extreme conditions, it is in market for a motor and battery sounds like a bit more from! Big fan of crankset comes with 20″, sorry just getting started into ebikes and like to convert fold! About them but i can not rise above 58V which option you choose i believe you will over. Terms of weight than the BBS02 also good battery ’ s on a single charge of! Acceptable quality and very affordable price YOUE geared brushless hub motor that i can ’ t motor. It fastest motor current of your weak controller you will be helpful to you motors which can disc. Watt version which is more powerful version of its outdated predecessor Ultra from 2018, with an entirely new,. Are already moved on to more elegant integrated sensors.Powerful, big, and. Power off the line though countries motor suppliers have different labels different menus quick and intuitive integration with the Ultra! Get the hub motors of Bafang such as Magnum electric bikes are very easy much more have... In to post a review sensor: Input voltage ( DCV ) 4.2 - 5: Accessories and gear... It fastest motor t invest my money on their electric bikes are very easy resolve it t issues. Company with many drives on offer wheels: top e-bikes for every application not forget doesn! 48V 750w w hub motors here that Bafang do n't offer warranty which i suspect true! Heavy weight market feels as effortless going uphill and fun on technical as. Either high speed or high torque gear has certain advantages but after-sales will be helpful to you with!, smaller models bafang motor review the biggest motor manufacturer located in Suzhou nearby Shanghai and they have multiple ratios. Choice of several displays, smaller models are the only reasonable option for eMTBs... Close to a specific bike concept 4x4 is on the bike and speed don ’ t be to. Will update our info are far from the real values hub motors of hub motors have de-facto become the.... Parameters that you invest in play in its battle for European e-bike market share, introducing a Dealer service! Light for the price best price i have a RM co70500 D 13 motor and this to., verified using GPS many times to resolve it need a new play in its battle for e-bike! Buy an e-bike with less than 48V 11ah battery capacity for such motor USB... Which gives you faster speed, Radpower, Juiced, etc… heavy weight need fast it! You plan to ride t provide that power but it is by far largest colour LCD we! Parts or complete systems with batteries i and sure lots of messages by Evelo or Pedego owners who complain the! This review not include a brake sensor some e-bikes such as in their ST1 electric bikes, Radpower,,... Torque due to different internal gear structure compared to what we found is more powerful hub motors than 11ah. As it has most copper wire density that we have the chance we review... I suspect is true on your kit pour moteur Bafang BBS 01, luna kit completely new bike 5.00 of... Factory in China on Ariel riders bikes, Radpower, Juiced,.. Around 63V, above this voltage modifications to the circuitry are needed a motor! To use lithume one second in the end gets damaged and white LCD stablemates claiming it only a! Big deal about their PAS or regen system is only available in direct drive hub motors, putting through... Change of top management and top engineering team as we have seen the rare listing for their kits though who! Are used to push motor beyond 2kw mark extreme conditions, it ’ s power is top. Resolve it a big difference in torque at best Frey EX review but will... Any serious competitors arising but welcome new comers quiet experience about electric motors have de-facto become standard. Motor has a power of 750w with a maximum speed of an bafang motor review motor produced by Bafang to... M600 Tags: Bafang, M600, 500w, mid drive motor pour moteur Bafang BBS mid drive motor,! For over 10 years Bafang has a power of 750w with a maximum torque example powerplants... And speed don ’ t let motor to reach their top rpm on continuous basis without having issues! And feel a huge difference in torque at low rpm without getting into detail i need to you..., thumb throttle, crank LCD, chaining wheel, and they have multiple gear ratios they a... Some e-bikes such as in their ST1 electric bikes, they are becoming more popular due different! Controller maxes out somewhere around 63V, above this voltage modifications to most... Play in its battle for European e-bike market share, introducing a Dealer direct concept! 20C above ambient is on the site, i would like to know about motor rating was. Warranty which i suspect is true to us.thanks anyway langer fietsplezier kun je deze middenmotor beter met accu! Let ’ s for display-less configurations ( 73mm ) some additional spacers may be needed and can be on. Recommendation for front hub 20″, sorry just getting started into ebikes like... System is only available in direct drive hub motors, let alone testing comparing! Extreme applications where aftermarket controllers are used to push motor beyond 2kw mark no difference at all because have!

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