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Judged Entry

Judged Show Entry is $95 and must be postmarked by June 30, 2024. Admits Car & 2 Adults to all three days, plus entry into the Judged Show that takes place on Friday, August 9th. Include a photo of your car with entry form. NO ENTRIES AT GATE. Vehicles judged by year/class. Additional weekend passes $45 each. *Senior Class $110. Tow vehicle/trailer fee for reserved parking in LOT A for $25. One entry class must be circled.

Click Here for Entry Application

Concours Judged Show (Concours & OE-Certification) Want to be professionally Judged? This entry is for those participants who want their cars judged and will compete for award plaques as well as bragging rights. The Nats is one of the only Mopar shows that feature a professional Judging Staff that know Mopars and can properly judge your car. Entry admits the car and two adults for all three days. Judged /Tribute entries should continue to park in the reserved area all weekend long. There are seven major categories, and all require photos to be included with the entry application so we can confirm classification of the vehicle. If in doubt, e-mail us ahead of time with pictures of the vehicle by the June 30 date so proper classification is performed. Some classes have restrictions or additional fees. Senior and OE-Certified classes require additional funds, with OE requiring prior approval as this class fills up fast. Remember to include two photos (three-quarter front and rear) with your application unless entering the same vehicle as last year. Include copies of your broadcast sheet, window sticker, and any other supporting documentation for the OE Certification and Senior classes. (NOTE: Since this judging class may be full by the time this publication is released, be sure to pre-schedule for an available ’22 or ‘23 opening). Judged Show vehicles trailered to the track must park in the approved designated trailer areas reserved in LOT A and purchase a trailer permit ($25). Show cars can compete in the Saturday Trophy Race and/or make a time trial on Saturday during the designated times. Judging takes place on Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. Winners will be announced and displayed at the Judged and Registration tents on Saturday after 3 pm.

 Click Here for the Quick Guide to Class Selection and Basic Judged Car Show Tips

 OEM Certification - This Judging is limited to 4 cars. The fee is $200.  Call or e-mail to inquire if there is any openings for this year.  If there are no openings, you can be put on the list for next year.  This is a four+ hour judging process meant for cars that have received an original ground up correct restoration or that are un-restored but in a very high quality of appearance.  Every aspect of the vehicle is judged for condition, correctness, date code, etc. cars are judged against a standard and receive points. Cars that achieve 95% of total points are awarded a Mopar Nationals GOLD Certificate, 90% a Silver Certificate and 85% a Bronze Certificate.

 Ask for a 2024 OEM entry application - Call or e-mail for availability first.