A non-stop weekend of MoPar ACTION!

50th Anniversary of the 1970 Model Year. 1970 Saw the advertising begin of the Dodge "Scat Pack" and Plymouth "Rapid Transit System" Campaigns. This years show will be celebrating the 1970 offerings with a special display area for these entered vehicles.

50th Anniversary of the 1970 Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda. 1970 was the introduction of the all new E-Body to compete in the pony car segment. It was offered with engines ranging from the 225 Slant Six, 318 , 340, 383, 440 V8s and the 426 Hemi. It was campaigned in NHRA Drag Racing.

 Judged Car Show

The Nats is one of only a few Car Shows that offer participants entered into the Judging portion of the event the ability to have their car teamed Judged by professionals in the field. The judges are educated and have knowledge on the vehicles they are judging when it comes to the original classes, knowing what is correct and what isn’t. They also have been trained to judge in the modified classes to evaluate modifications based on execution, creativity, and quality. There is no “people’s choice” here at the Nats, you must have the “car” to take top honors. The Judged show participants are located on the West Side of the track.

 Drag Race

See Hemi’s, Wedges both Big & Small, Turbos and V-10’s all competing for cash awards and plaques in the 2016 Nats Drag Program. The Nats features some of the fastest cars in the Midwest, all competing for top honors in the various racing classes. Cars come from almost every state in their attempt to be crowned the Nats Champion. Drag Racing is running on all three days with class eliminations taking place on Saturday & Sunday. Also featured will be exhibition runs from wheel standers and Pro Mods. Drag Racing is an integral part of the Nats where even the Fun Field entrants get to make a pass down the strip and possible qualify for the 100 MPH Club.

 Fun Field

The Fun Field is for those entrants who want to enter their vehicle in the show for display purposes only. Participants will have a chance at winning door prizes, special awards and the ability to make a timed pass on the track on Saturday during one of the two open time trial sessions. Pre-registered participants also receive an event goody bag which is filled with event souvenirs and information.

 Young Guns

The Nats started Young Guns in cooperation with Mopar Muscle Magazine many years ago. It is a Judged Show classification dedicated to those entrants 25 and younger (male or female) in both original and modified classes. In original, the vehicle must be restored and be over the age of 20 years old. In modified, any year vehicle will be accepted by obviously it has to have been modified and judging is based on the number of modifications, but more importantly their creativity, execution and quality. A special area in the Judging field is reserved for these entrants. We want to encourage young men and women to get into the hobby and be able to compete with each other on their limited financial budget. We realize that mom and dad will help out, but preference will be given to those who did it on their own with just a helping hand from the parents, not an endless bank account.

 Awards Presentation

Sunday at 12 Noon starts the Nats Award presentation. Individual winners in the Car Show Judging classifications will have the opportunity to have their name announced, a brief description of their car and a commemorative parade lap in front of the grand stands. During this time the Best in Show awards will also be announced along with OE Certification results.

 Burn Out Contest

The Nats was the first show to create the idea of a burn-out contest over 33 years ago. At 2pm on Friday & Saturday registered participants (show, race or vendor sticker) who signed-up at the Nats Registration Tent will get up to 1 minute to show off what their vehicle can do in putting up smoke. Judges and the crowd response will be used to determine the overall winner each day.

 100 MPH Club

If your vehicle can run the quarter mile in 100 miles per hour or more you will be awarded a decal honoring your achievement and announcing you’re a member of the Nats Mopar 100 MPH Club. 100 MPH pass can be made in time trials or in competition. Only one decal per car will be awarded, pickup at the ET Shack where you will get your time slip.

 Midway & Swap Meet

If you are looking for those hard-to-find parts, that proper date coded part or that last piece to finish your restoration, the Annual Nationals is the place to go! Visit the many companies on the Mopar Midway located on the East side of the track behind the grandstands or the general swap meet located in the northeast corner of the track. You will find new products, reproduction parts, NOS parts, accessories, waxes & cleaning supplies, wheels & tires, Modern as well as classic High Performance parts, Engines & Transmissions, Memorabilia, Artwork, Diecast & Model Cars, Mopar Wearbables & Collectibles and a whole lot more. Everything Mopar that you could ever want is available in the 1500 plus vendor spaces at the Nats. Vendors will be saving their "Good" stuff to bring out to this event, as it is the largest all-Mopar swap meet & manufacturer midway in the world. It’s also one of the last big events of the year, so prices are set lower to broom out the merchandise before the winter sets in. Many companies use the Nats to debut their new restoration/reproduction items and offer those bargain introductory discounts. It is unbelievable the number of unique parts that show up. If Mopar made it, it will be for sale at the Nats. Plan on spending a whole day just looking at all the parts. (While any part can be found at the Nats, most vendors cater to 1960 – to current year items)

 Car Corral

For those interested in buying or selling a Mopar/AMC, the Nats offers a Car Corral. This is an area located on the north east side of the track, where all the vehicles that are available for sale are positioned in one area. This makes it a lot easier to have them in one place so you are not walking the whole grounds looking for sale signs.

 Mopar Survivors

Mel Majors and Malcom Enterprises of Peebles, Ohio team up to feature fine examples of all original unrestored cars and trucks. These serve as great examples for restoring your car to look just like it did when it came off the assembly line. Many of the participants are original owners, so you can ask questions and get up close to take pictures of what it looked like back in the day. These vehicles are historic treasurers that feature at least 85% of their original factory paint, interior and all original drivetrains. The Survivor display will be located in the Midway just north of the Mopar Pavilion.

 Dyno Challenge

Mopar Muscle Magazine will once again feature their Dyno Challenge. With the phrase the “Numbers Don’t Lie” see what your car can bring to the table and you just might get crowned the 2016 Mopar Dyno Challenge Champion. The Dyno Challenge is located in the Manufacturer Midway right by the Staging Lane cross-over walkway.

 Top Eliminator

This year the Nats will select one vehicle out of all the pre-registered entries (another reason to pre-register other than the discounted entry fee) to be featured in the Mopar Pavilion. The car will be selected based upon appearance, so good photos are necessary. The winner will also be featured in next year’s event program complete with story line on you and your vehicle.

 Seminars -Instructional and Informational Sessions

The old saying a little knowledge goes a long way to saving time and money. Also, there’s a sense of self pride that puts a smile on your face and when doing something yourself. The Nationals features free seminars that offer information for both the diehard Mopar enthusiast and the newbie. Topics include performance, restoration, maintenance and more. Seminars are conducted by some of the biggest names in the business.

 17th Annual Kids Coloring & Hot Wheels Contest

On Saturday starting at 11am at the Mopar Pavilion, kids 9 and under will be able to compete in a coloring contest that features the artwork of the Nats T-shirt. Winners will be awarded based on two groups, age 6 and under, and ages 7-9. Starting at 12 Noon the action for the kids turns to Hot Wheels Drag Racing. The participants age 9 and under select a Hot Wheels car supplied by us. (1:64 cars provided). The kids compete in a ladder style elimination Drag Race. Side by side eliminations just like the big guys are doing on the real strip a couple of hundred feet away. You can hear the real engines roaring in the background as the kids (and adults) are all excited as their cars are placed on the starting line. The countdown proceeds in Christmas tree fashion and the cars are released to the cheers of the audience. The winner goes on to the next round. Win or lose the children get to keep their selected race car. There are plaques for the winner and runner-up.

 31th Annual Mopar Model Car Nationals

The little cars can be as fun as the big ones! AutoKnow of Utica, Michigan, will sponsor the 31th Annual Mopar Model Car Contest. Stop by the AutoKnow tent in the Manufacturer Midway (Space O3 & O4) and view the models for yourself. The amount of work and attention to detail these skilled model makers devote to these cars is unbelievable! Participants, ranging from young children to seasoned adults, may enter single or multiple cars, from complete scenes (dioramas) at racetracks to cars rusting away in a remote field.

Entry is very simple; the model only needs to be a Mopar/AMC product. Register your model at the AutoKnow tent on Saturday, between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Models will be judged in different classes with results posted at 4 p.m. Participants should pick up their models by 5 p.m. Participants are divided into three age groups; 11 and under, 12 through 17 and 18 and over, with each group divided into stock and modified classes. There will also be a class for the diorama entries. Depending on the number of entries per class, First through Third Place trophies will be awarded. If you are into the hobby of building car models, then you can come and compete with some of the best. If you just want to look at the true craftsmanship in these works of art, stop by during your visit to the Mopar Manufacturer Midway.

 Win “Door Prizes”

All participants and spectators are eligible to win a door prize at the Nats. Just fill out the top portion of your entry ticket and drop it in the door prize box located at the Nats Registration tent. You must be present to win. Just check out the door prize winning board for your ticket number. The board is wiped clean at the end of each day and new ticket winners will be drawn.

 Car Club Challenge

Member of a Mopar Car Club? Get your members to attend the Nats in force. Clubs with at least 10 entries will receive reserved parking on the west side of the track in the show field. A nice grassy area for your club to gather, park and see the show. The Car Club with the most entries will win the Car Club Challenge and receive a plaque and also be featured in next year’s event program. Pas the word and get your car club involved!

 Mopar Super Cruise

The Nats is well known as the largest single marquee night time cruise show in the world. Each night, downtown Heath and Reynoldsburg open their doors to allow cruising on the streets. This is where the Mopars shine. Starting at approximately 6PM, participants take to Brice Road or I-79 in downtown Heath. Please be careful of the bystanders and obey all traffic laws. While an occasional bark of the tires will be ignored, burnouts or wreckless driving will not be tolerated and you might be awarded a prize that no one wants during their stay at the Nats.

 Tri-County Car Show

Each Cruise Night Tri-County Chrysler opens its doors to the cruisers as a place to park and enjoy company with your fellow Mopar enthusiasts and have a bite to eat along with live music playing. Tri-County offers great deals on their cars & trucks and are a sponsor of the Nats. Make sure to tell them you appreciate their support of the event.

 Event Souvenirs

This year’s Nats will feature a number of great collector wearables and event souvenirs. The first 1500 pre-registered participants will receive a goody bag with special event souvenirs. The 36th Annual event T-shirt will feature the 50th Anniversary of the 1966 Model Year as well as a tribute to the Dodge Charger. Also available will be an event ball cap, jacket, dash plaque, series coffee mug, and more. All are available for purchase at the Nationals souvenir stands. We will also be offering a special "Tribute” T-Shirt that will feature many of the highlights of the Event.