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Drag Racers On-Grounds Camping

In response to requests for Drag Racer Camping: Drag Racers with RV/Motor Homes that have self-contained sleeping & bathroom accommodations will be allowed to stay on-grounds overnight. Those wishing to participate will agree to be parked in a special area reserved for this. There will be restrictions on the ability to come and go after 9PM without proper credentials. Those wishing to participate can fill out a form and mail it in or register at the gate at the time of entry. We are not charging RV's for camping this year.

Camping Rules – Only Motorhome/RV Campers that have self-contained restroom and sleeping accommodations will be allowed overnight camping privileges.All campers must remain within the area of their RV/Motorhome starting at 9PM until 7AM of the next day.  Any campers found outside of their area or in the Manufacturer Midway, Swap Meet, Car Corral areas will be escorted off the grounds by security with no entry monies refunded.Camping is allowed Thursday night and ends after Saturday night. No Sunday night camping is allowed on the race track grounds.Entry and Exit from the grounds is restricted after 9PM. Must have proper credentials. Only Emergency situations will be honored, so plan accordingly.A Camping permit will be given to each Motorhome/RV to display in their front windshield and all campers must have entry wrist band worn.The Sheriff’s patrol and Security will be patrolling by car and on foot throughout the night for enforcement of these rules and general security of the grounds.

There will be no participants allowed in Midway or Swap Meet areas. Those found will be immediately escorted off the grounds.

CAMPING APPLICATION  <-- Click Here to Download Application